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The Human Mind

My first trip ever was not very intense visually, but basically I was freaking out, thinking that I had died and I was remembering every instance of my past.

My first trip ever was not very intense visually, but basically I was freaking out, thinking that I had died and I was remembering every instance of my past. The thing is, ever since that night it has been happening even in my soberness. I changed after that, and in fact I wanted to do it again so badly that I dosed again after two weeks. The first time I had done it, my friend wrote stream of consciousness prose, so the second time I figured that I should the same. Here is what goes on in the mind of a shroomer:
It is something that has to do with burritos and hot chocolate in my lungs. Also like before when I had weed particles inside me. I am just remembering my little love J. and stuff that happened when we were hanging out. I cannot believe that some people are so naïve that they forgive and forget. Maybe it is something idiotic, but I cannot believe that someone could forget such horrid but important things (we all know what this concerns). Mistakes are everywhere and they are so difficult to avoid for some as are the temptaions of today. Here I am in the sun of the gully. I am physical matter in your throat. It is funny how the key that I have to type is the one I need to press. Why is the world metallic, I am not dead in this world but I am alive in an underground and underwater kingdom. Katie is a lion in the middle of the savannah. The rolling hills of the music center bring metallic crumbly music to my ears. Why am I not having visuals, just metalloids in the brain medulla oblongata. What is wrong with your medulla oblongata. I can't believe that I just pressed another key of happiness that is malicious. Before I was on a ranch of hilly beauty. Then I was in a little cavern beneath the earth's surface. Then I was in a time capsule in the middle of space. I just landed on earth and realized that I am not in this world but in a bleak and arid life and world. The mountains are parched, the earth is cracked, the plants are all dessicated. Everything around me is dead and I am seeing dinosaurs, they are running in the forests, but they are not forest,s they are greek ruins, and I see now how demetri was really the shoemaker and not the butcher who tried to sell you his lamb because its a delicacy there I guess. Why else would they eat fish stew. I am talking about greece, and both me and katie have been to greece. That is where the world began. everything, and now I am here in this underground world of fire to welcome you to oblivion. This is it, I am here and everything is becoming part of me. It is a concrete jungle, and I am not myself anymore, I am not typing this, I am a machine of the world and of society. They ride me around like a robotic saber toothed tiger made of metal. Oh yes, why do I feel so metallic, I feel like i am in africa in the heart of the congo or of the sahara. Where did katie go? Why is she gone, princess toadstool is here with me and she is writing out her life too, but why am I floating in pink. You know I think that I am in a world of the past. I am a psychedelic mess and I am orange. Blotchiness is growing on me, but now the banana nut steel variety of building is my concrete jungle of hate. It is black and grey and never white but something blue. Katie is back and she is laughing like a drugged out junkie. this is funny as hell, what if we were in mardi gras right now. I think that now I am feeiling the real effect of the mushrooms, what if I was in a pot of copper right now, I am melting, melthing like I dream of jeannie, with the plush velvet and marron sheets, like the boy upstairs that has a blue lever next to his bed to throw down his dirty laundry. Who saw the picture of him with his kinky reggae no shirtedness under the pine tree of the eureka view from the harbor area of the bay. What about the final flame and the eternity of it. So what you have to do is get off the plateau and smoke the marijuana . the heart of the humboldt nation, the purple kron is what I want to get right on and hack it. oh I want to be in the belly of a speaker at a punk show in the placebo on south g. What is with this reggae that sounds almost like sonic the hedgehog video game music. I am a gingerbread girl in the evil of the digestive system. More fo sho. I don't know why I feel lonely right now, it is the weirdest feeling in the world. Last time I felt so close to everyone and loving and tonight for some reason I cant feel that. I am evil and want to hurt things. Before I was a vampire but not now, I need to feel like I am in the 50's or 60's and happy with no problems and just totally carefree. Why was that the lifestyle and the high life, literally. I don't understand why I do this to myself, I used to be good and know what was good for myself, but not now, now that I have been left on my own I can't cope. This trip was so fucking weird. Everyone is going to the rave tomorrow night and neither me nor katie are going. That is because ecstasy is not good for you. I don't under stand why people do e it is definitely not good for your life and your body. It is also not good to keep drinking. The only drug you can do is weed…the ganga like the true ras. He is so high and just feels the light and colors and energy flowing into him through his crevice and where he can see the light of the ancestors and the creators. What mythology can explain our existence? I love mushrooms and how you must learn to respect your senses because that is what you can learn to use to determine who you truly are and what you must do with your life. Why do I feel like my senses and emotions are not true to reality. But reality is what you can sense, it is the sense based judgements of our day that can tell what we are. All of our memories are as of when they occur, and as soon as tehye come into existence they mark who someone was or is at a very specific instant. That person must have been insecure to wonder what they could change about themselves that makes them unique. Personal identity is not something that is describable or tangible, it is a feeling, like an aura, that describes what has happened and everything that has happened has shaped who one is, even if they do not remember something at a particular time instant, that tihng or event somehow influenced them and formed them into the person they are today. Even if it is not apparent to them, it is a subconscious thing that can manifest itself in anything that the person does, or in any way that they act. Not one person is the same because they have all had very different experiences to make them who they are today. If someone stopped living, they would cease to exist simply because they cannot accumulate more data into their heads. Everyone is like a robot and we all need to break free of the metallic world that surrounds us and is our mental slavery. How are we to overcome fate and form who we are today. The answer is simple, you must evaluate who you are today, and think about receiving all information from the universe. Then what must happen is that when you receive the channeled divination, you must somehow interpret it into your own life and do what you feel is right for you to become a better being and grow into something more powerful and closer to the light of truth.

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