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The holy forest in my bedroom

The following is a description of my first ever psychedelic trip, last night.

The following is a description of my first ever psychedelic trip, last night. I'm 21 years old, about 200lbs. I had a light meal a few hours before the trip, and drank some orange juice and water during. I didn't take any other drugs to enhance the experience.

Around 10:30 PM I ate about 1-1.5 grams of dried Panaeoleus Cyanescens. Forty minutes later, the effects started. I was lying on my bed wearing my super-comfortable pyjama pants which happened to have a striped pattern. The first thing I noticed was the stripes beginning to stand out and extending out into my vision. My feet seemed very far away.

When I closed my eyes I started to see patterns emerge. Random noise at first (somewhat like static on your television), then intricate fields of fine lines in red, green and blue. At this point I decided to try something.

I have USB headphones on my computer and on them is a bright blue LED to indicate the microphone is on. In total darkness, I held the LED two inches from my face, stared into it and turned on the microphone. After looking into this explosion of crazy blue light for a second, I blinked. The dark, over-exposed spot in my vision started to change into a distinct eye shape, blue and green and yellow. It moved around before my eyes very clearly, swirling and changing color. It reminded me very much of the floating eye things in Tool's Parabola video. Visuals were definitely starting to kick in now.

I decided to go outside for a bit and have a smoke. Our garden seemed incredible peaceful, beautiful and alive. There was a light breeze, and the trees seemed to breathe and reach out to me. The grass looked very three-dimensional even from six feet up, and also seemed to be moving and changing.

Everywhere I looked, all I immediately saw were the patterns in everything. The tiles on the roof, bricks in the wall, the depth of clouds, symmetry in flowers and plants - all things I barely ever paid attention to otherwise were revealing themselves in beautiful ways.

I sat on the grass smoking for a bit, and then the clouds gave way to the stars. Never, ever have I seen such a clear starry night, and this made me feel incredibly relaxed and giddy and just plain happy to be there, sitting on the ground in the middle of the night, smoking a cigarette and looking out into the universe. I was amazed at how the world was simultaneously dreamlike and more real then ever.

After going back inside and getting a drink from the kitchen, I looked at the window blinds a little bit then closed my eyes. This was when the closed-eye visuals started to get very intense. Indescribable swirling greens and yellows and reds and whites, tiny gears and flowing liquids and whole rainbows of mandala patterns came and went. After a few minutes of this, I went upstairs again, all the while seeing multitides of eyes and faces in the dark. I lay on the bed, noticed my limbs were becoming very heavy and somehow didn't seem like they were mine anymore, and put some music on; specifically, African tribal percussion and Hindu chanting.

The percussion fueled white-greenish patterns that reminded me of Aztec or Maya art in some way. My laptop screen and the whole room with it were getting a peaceful, dark-cyan rainforest-at-night character. Very nice and a good rest from the more intense visions of before. Then the Hindu music kicked in. Wow. Behind my eyelids, I got the impression of the roots of a huge tree, with kaleidoscopic liquid waves and very energetic streams of color moving around and through them.

To try and get the most out of the visuals, I loaded up some colorful psychedelic mandala-like artwork on my laptop and sat watching it for a long time. Ordinary two-dimensional pictures were becoming alive, three-dimensional and extremely wonderful to look at. This was the peak of the trip.

After that, I listened to some more music and thought about some things, how the trip was everything I thought it would be and lots more. How I really was just a kind of hairless monkey getting stoned on ancient plants and lost in wonder, and how humbling and authentic it all felt compared to the dull routine of my everyday life.

The intense visuals started to fade away at about 2 AM and very quickly left me tired both physically and mentally. For an hour and a half after the peak I was still getting mild visuals, and I couldn't sleep even though I really wanted to. Eventually at about 3:30 I drifted off. The only negative aspect of the whole thing was that I woke up with a headache, and felt very drowsy for a few hours after I woke up.

Otherwise, it was a wonderful first time trip.

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