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The Green Door

It was about a year and a half ago, and it was the first time that I was trying shrooms.

It was about a year and a half ago, and it was the first time that I was trying shrooms. I heard so much about them and I knew that I HAD to try them. I have been smoking massive amounts of pot before I had done shrooms and I had used Ecstasy a couple of times...but now I was about to embark on a life changing experience. I had ingested about 3 grams..which seemed sufficient being it was my 1st time. I was with 2 other people, and I was the one to introduce them to shrooms. We had rented Cheech n Chong Up in SMoke and we started to watch it. I divided up the shrooms and started to munch them with some orange juice.
About 30 minutes pass and then i start to feel a tingling sensation throughout my body. I started to fidget, thinking bugs were crawling all over me. My friends were laughing their asses off, and there I was jumping around. The minutes passed, and the movie made less and less sense. It seemed as if we were laughing just at the sight of the television and not at the happenings of the movie. We decide to shut the movie off and shut the lights and put on some techno music. At this point, the window shades started to shift directions and the music seemed to make my brain swim with ideas. Me and my friends were all laying on the floor at this point and we were all in a trance. I felt warmth like i never felt and i visualized God speaking to me in the form of a warm green light and beautiful purple flowers. I dont remember what he told me, but at this point, I felt as if I saw the truth behind the whole world. I started to blabber about how the world would be like without walls and how we should give everything up and become hippies so that we didnt have to deal with any bullshit we were getting in the world.
so on the floor i lay..looking at this green light that was shining on the closed bedroom door. The light was actually coming from the smoke detector, but i didnt know that at the time....all i saw was a door with an eerie green glow...i was scared as hell to go anywhere near the door...I thought of the door as the exit into the next level...and I told my tripping companions that none of us were worthy enough to go through it...my friends were amazed at the idea...and they believed me..so there we were..staring at the green door in awe
About an hour passes...and I finally got the balls to go through the door...we all crawl slowly out of the room into the darkness of the house...it was like we were on a fuckin safari...it sounded like a jungle...all we can do is look around and giggle like kids
I crawled into a closet and got comfortable and started staring at the visuals ..red and blue dots and stars and rainbows....it was really something..i went to the bathroom to piss (in the dark) and all i was able to see was rainbows shooting out of my dick! LOL....i really couldnt explain it....at this point...i dont even know how many hours had passed..but all i remember now is laying on a couch listening to buzzing and the sound of frogs around the room
That was my 1st shroom trip!!....I am in love with psychedelics...i started to experiment with acid and loved it...but nothing compares to the magical mushrooms...and i am happy to say that I have some ready for this weekend!!

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