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The gnome hand trip

My trip Fist of all let me say wow.

My trip
Fist of all let me say wow. I have never done shrooms before and I am so glad I decided to them in my own home. I think comfortablity is a key part of a great trip. We took the shrooms (myself my cousin and my boyfriend) about 10 pm. Now I have heard they taste bad so I dipped mine is honey and I had no problems keeping them down. There not pleasant, but they also don't taste like ass :0)
We didn't want to just and wait for it to hit us so we started to play uno. About half way though the game I started to get very relaxed and even more giggly. I am serious about the giggling, I could not even see I was laughing so hard it made me cry. Suddenly my living room looked different to me. It truly changed n front of my eyes. It wasn't like a hallucination, everything was in the right place, it just seemed foreign to me. Rooms were wider than they were suppose to be. I liked the feeling.
I needed to turn off some lights and lay down. I had a little head rush going on, but not really a headache. My boy friend and cousin were not tripping yet, and I think they thought I was either faking or drunk. My boyfriend decided we should watch a dvd so he put on mulan rouge ( the best tripping movie ever) and then he sat down. Now i had never seen this movie before, and i could probably watch it again because i was so lost in my trip I didn't understand it.
I looked over at my cousin and i swear she was asleep. She is a more professional tripper and she is the one who supplied the shroms. An eighth each. Suddenly I being to look around and I notice my boyfriend. He is sitting there with his mouth wide open and he looks stunned. He is watching the movie and just in awe of it all. It is his first time tripping as well. He starts talking about Aztec walls around the entertainment center, I am still watching obi one Kenobi sing and dance on the screen.
It then occurred to me that my cat tookie may want to come in. I go to the door... no tookie. My cousin is now eating a ice cream.. I feel kind of nauseous. Maybe I should have a chip. I get up to get a soda (something I end up doing about 20 times that night) I keep losing the one I had before. I am heading back to the couch. Maybe tookie is at the door.... No tookie.
This movies is getting really weird and my leg keeps twitching. My boyfriend is completely lost in himself, my cousin seems to have gotten another ice cream. I deicide to go online. I walk to my desk, but not before checking the door one more time for my beloved cat... no tookie. As i sit on my chair in front of my desk I am in shock. This is not my desk. This is a huge desk. In my mind I thought it looked like a desk from an episode of Rosanne. I am still not real clear on that. It just was it was. My neck kind of hurts.
My boyfriend just stood up and is going into the kitchen. He seems really into looking at things closely. I need a neck massage. I have him check the door for tookie (maybe she is hiding from me).... no tookie. I ask him for a message. He seems to like neck up on me. I don't like him behind me. He puts his hands on my back and I swear its his feet. I swing around. DON'T TOUCH ME WITH YOUR FEET! My hands do look like feet he says..... i have gnome hands.
Ok now the gnome hand thing went on all night. Not only did he think he had gnome hands, but he even used them like gnome hands. Picking up soda cans, holding things. All night he tried to keep them behind his back. He needed to hide his gnome hands from the world. My cousin is eating another ice cream.... is that tookie at the door????? No tookie.
I need to lay down. My cousin wants to go online. Mulan roughe has got to go!! I put on Drew carrey. At this point I am getting use to the fact that this is all not real. I let myself go. I start to truly enjoy the experience. My cousin wants to watch some crazy "Tool' Video, we lye on the floor.
This band Tool is very cool. But there subject mater in there videos are not a good kind of trip imagine. My boyfriend starts getting very nervous. He is pacing. The images are disturbing to him. He starts getting paranoid, and worse he wants to go outside. I side track him from the outside world. He seems very out of it, I am becoming concerned. My mind starts playing tricks on me. I feel it would be a good idea to hide the knives in the house.
He is getting nauseous, My cousin is eating another ice cream. Then he runs down the hall. We hear the sound of projectile vomiting. I think he is going to be feeling better very soon... I wonder if tookie is at the back door... TOOKIE! She is there. My little baby has come home. I open the door but she starts to walk away. I begin to fallow her outside. She seems she wants me to fallow her. I am suspeces of her motives. Damn, she went under the car. Oh well I go back to the house.
My boyfriend is in the kitchen when I return. He is eating some bread. Good idea. He is really concerned about evil rabbits. Could he be seeing things that are not there? I thought this drug enhanced, not made people see images not real. I put on Shrek. That's a good movie. No badness in shrek. Ok my last attempt at tookie. here I go. TOOKIE!! she is in the house! I have finally gotten my cat! I decide to go lye down.
My boyfriend comes in with me. We lay on the bed together. His eyes are so big its not even funny, and he is still hiding his gnome hands. He starts to explain his trip to me. He is sure he is a gnome, and I am his gnome wife. I am listening... well kind of. I am more into my cat who is laying between us. She seems wise. I think she even has a little goatee.
Now the cat has jumped on the dresser. Only the mirror isn't a mirror. It is mire like a window. The room seems so big. Oh he is still talking. Something about twin peaks. My neck seems very stiff, and my hands and arms a so relaxed its freaky. I will admit, I drooled a little. I think I need a shower.
Ok note to all who ever do this drug. Take a shower. It was the best feeling ever. I mean I felt every single drop of water on my skin. And I just felt awesome. I felt like I was being massaged. I kept turning up the heat. It was never hot enough. When I got out I felt totally refresh. My boyfriend was telling me Tookie had stole some chips when I was away. I am finally getting tired. I think now I can finally lay down. It is 3 am
It took me a long time to get to sleep. I was hot and cold and uncomfortable with my muscles being so loose is certain places and tight in others. My boyfriend is getting hungry at this point. He gets up to eat. I fall asleep. I had a strange spider dream. Not so much scary, but it made me cringe a bit. I woke up at a respectable 1:30 pm, feeling pretty good with the exception of my eyes being a little sore.
I had a lot of fun, but that doesn't mean I will rush to do it again. I have seen that not all trips are fun, and they take a lot out of you. I still feel fatigued at 9pm the next night. I will however do it again. When and ware I cant say for sure, but I know that it will be something I will do with friends and I wont make a habit of. Expanding my mind hasn't changed my life, I am the same person I was 36 hours ago, To me shrooms was a great way to do something I had never done before.

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