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Camping Trip

well this was my first time with mushrooms, ive been curious for a while especially since i heard it dont show up in drug tests.

well this was my first time with mushrooms, ive been curious for a while especially since i heard it dont show up in drug tests. so i went to a football training camp on this island, and it required you to camp out. i had some bud and i thought that it would be good enough. but then i found out that my friend had two chocolate bars and convinced him to sell me one. i borrowed some cash and decided to split it with a different dude. the plan was to take it after we went cooler hopping.

we got back and it was getting dark out. we took the chocolate bar out of the wrap and broke it in half. i ate mine right away, and it turned out my punk friend was going to wait until i was trippin. i called him a bastard and told him that if he didnt eat it then i would. so he ate it after 10 minutes. i remebered that i had a little bud so i busted it out and we had 3 hits each of this fine nooget. after we were done we started to walk up to the campgrounds lounge area. it was about 20 minutes since i ate my chocolate so i didnt suspect for anything to happen till later. by the time we got up to the cabin (couple hundred yards from my tent) i was feeling really stoned, like first timers buzz. it was so intense. we went inside the lounge area and chilled by the pool table. i dont really remember the order after this but i ddidnt really care either. i went up and got an ice cream cone thing, and i remember i couldnt really bring my hand up to my face, but when i finally did i was happy to take a bite. when i chewed it it felt like i was chewing air. its a real hard thing to explain but i couldnt taste anything or feel any thing in my mouth, i could just hear the crunching. i finished it and went back over to the pool table and tried to play pool. everytime i tried to hit the ball i would stop and break out into laughter.

after all that i was starting to peak. i went over to this old school juke box and tried to read the songs. i could read, but just couldnt process what it meant. i had my hands on the sides of the jujke box and was trying to balance on it cuz my legs werent holding me. all of a sudden the thing started waving back and forth like if i was on the ocean.

i started to get hyper so i went outside somehow and went back down to the campfire. i sat on the chair and looked up at the trees (which may have been before the peak) and saw a weird lookin face. i looked back down at the fire and tried to tell myself that i wasnt tripping just high. oh fuck it i knew weed couldnt do that, so i just kept staring. after that i cant really remember. it was a cool night especially since there was meteor showeres and stuff.

peace out...

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