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the flow

hello my name's Sam, just the other day I was in camden town going to my first day of work.

hello my name's Sam, just the other day I was in camden town going to my first day of work. As it turned out my boss to be didn't need me that day and said that I should come back on friday. This was fine by me as it was a lovely day and it might be nice to go buy some shrooms and sit down by the lock slowly tripping in the sun. This I did, the shrooms that I had were from one of those mexican grow kits that are going about ,psilocibe cubensis it said that they were. All I'd had to eat that day was one piece of honey on toast which I didn't finish so my stomach was empty and I knew that all that would be in my system was the shrooms. Anyway, I munched them raw and juicy as I usually do and sat back on the bank of the river and chilled. To kill the time it would take for them to get in to my system I started to go through my phonebook deleting old numbers that I didn't use any more. I got to F and had to stop, the grass had started to breath and shift slightly just as the ground usually does for me on shrooms, if I concentrated on it all the moving parts would gradually synchronise culminating in a high frequency white glow which would dip back if I looked away or blinked but would come back just as easily. There was a big industrial building on the other side of the canal. I found though that if I looked at that instead of the natural flowing pulsating motion that I had found with the ground, the brick work would create a transparent copy of itself which would hover and sway just infront of the original almost like a silk veil.This differentiation continued depending on whether I was looking at organic or man-made objects. All natural objects would breath and pulsate and flow, when I looked at the dirt path I could see that the configuration of the tiny stones and pebbles was actually a vein system pumping energies through as the ground beneath pumped and breathed. whilst all this was happening I found myself humming to myself and swaying gently on the spot. It was a defintite tune that I was humming and I found myself quite effortlessly singing a little song to my self as various things floated by on the water (real things). I could in corporate them into my song without even thinking and If i did try to think about what I would sing or hum next it would be come slightly harder to do. This I now know was the flow of life. It happens all the time just as readily as you are breathing now. I'm not trying to preach I just discovered it the other day and I need to tell someone. I found that life is easy if you just let it happen and don't try to predict the future, The more you try to push the flow in any direction the less tuned to the actual flow you become and then worry and doubt come in and then you find yourself thinking about different things altogether. I also found that on this trip if I looked at the sky it would crystalise but still be an organic moving crystalisation, also the more that I stared at it I found that I could see the energy that I was using to focus with which formed a channel in the shape of a sort of liquid spiral as if water was flowing down a drain and you were looking down the drain. The crystaline shapes in the sky reminded me greatly of aztec symbols and art. With all this in mind I decided to go for a walk around camden and to follow my own flow. As I walked I found that I was totally relaxed and that none of the things that I usually noticed when I walked through the streets mattered at all. Things such as the embarassment of looking at pretty girls or getting intimidated by gangs of homeboys, even walking itself was nothing even on such a hot day. I actually found that by just "going with the flow" and not worrying the girls would look at me and the homeys would try there funny intimidating stances and walks but would back down when I got near them. not in a way that they feared me but they could just tell that I was so content in my flow that there was no reaction of fear or anger to be had from me and so no confrontation or heierachal situation could be imposed.
I also found that the flow would guide me in the best direction for me to see things that were of interest to me. Right now I'm thinking about getting a motor bike and during my walk just flowing along I came across several that I really liked just parked up on different streets. After my little walk around town I went to sit back by the canal again and to ponder everything that was happening to me. As I did this I looked down to my bag that was lying next to me on the grass. On it I saw a little fly. It was a normal fly except for the fact that it had very short wings that only just reached its bum and instead of walking about as flys do when they walk it was doing little tumbles and spinng around just as a child might if it were playing on the lawn. Now to me this was a personal thing as it just happens that my nickname for my girlfriend is little bug with the emphasis on her being smaller than the average bug cos she's so cute (mushy I know but that's what girlfriends are all about), so if ever there was an animal that represented her this fly was it as it could not have reminded me any more of anything. So I said "hello little bug" and as I fely sorry for it having abnormally short wings I told it not to worry and that I would look after it. It did a couple more tumbles and then went over to the shady side of my bag. At this exact moment my girlfriend rang me. I'm serious I have no reason to lie. This just showed me the flow to even greater effect. She was phoning to chat as she was on her lunc break at a new job and wanted to tell me how it was going.
After this had happened I decided to go into town.
I took the tube but didn't know where I was going to go I just went the way that felt right and got off at the station that I felt was the right one. This happend to be tottenham court road. As I flowed around the area and let life take me where ever I ended up standing outside a little french restauraunt where there were some people standing outside dressed in french revoultionary clothing. There was also music playing and a crowed had started to form. As I approached it I could feel everone flowing to that point just as I had. What ensued was a beautiful re-enactment of the french revoultion made up of the staff of the bistro which was just a really nice thing to see. I had had no intention of finding this and I didn't even know where I was walking but I ended up there all the same. After it was over I carried on my journey around soho hoping to meet up with a friend of mine called Tim, this didn't happen but didn't worry me as I only thought that it might be a possibility. I carried on following the flow, it's not so much like following but more like you're being carried down a stream that you can hop out of if you like but there's no danger from staying in it.
Something that I had actually noticed halfway through the day was that all my clothes were colour co-ordinated to my bag. My bag is black and green and it happened to be that the trousers I had on matched the green and my t-shirt and flip-flops were black. So as I walked along randpomly around corners and through streets I suddenly found myself face to face with a very posh restauraunt that matched the colours that I had on perfectly. Half of it was a block of black and half of it was a block of the sam colour green that was my trousers and parts of my bag. It Also had in the window a mobile made from one piece of metal that spiralled down from the roof and then back up the outside of the now internal spiral so that when it spun it looked like the larger spiral would travel up the outside of the inner one which would go down. It just so happened that a few days before I had bought the same mobile but a much smaller version and hung it in my room. This place was, to my taste, the coolest place that I could have found to look at all day, and I just flowed right to it without any knowledge or provocation. This place was really posh though and I didn't have the sort of money to buy lunch there, I did go in though to ask if they did a take-away service and the concierge assured me that they didn't. He seemed a little annoyed by such an obviously stupid question and I didn't want to leave him with a bad memory of me so I complimented him on how the place looked as I could tell that he was proud of it and it was what I actually thought. This put a smile on his face straight away and I left on a happy note. I noticed this happening with everyone that I saw in the street I could tell if they had found their flow or if they were happy or sad or troubled by things. I know it's cliche but I would just get the vibes and intrinsically know. This led me to the high point of my day for as I was walking down the street I saw on a corner a young girl standing in the middle of people as they walked past to me she initially looked like a reagular hippie girl with a combat jacket and a funny hat and so I figured she was just another tourist and kept on walking. Twenty yards or so down the street though I felt something pulling me back to her and as I returned I could see that she was in desperate need of help. She was litterally skin and bone not any sort of savvy homeless girl that I usually see but in stead she was confused and desperate and so distraught that she could bearly tell me what the matter was. It turned out that her name was Tash and that she was trying to just get back to her home in hastings where I guessed she had run away from some time ago. I knew that if she spent anymore time in London she would probably die she was that thin and decided that even if it was a scam I didn't care as she needed food and help . I took her to the bank and gave her eighty pounds as she said that she needed seventy four or there abouts to get back on the train and the bus. I know this sounds like a line but I just didn't care. Anyway she went happily on her way with the money and my name and number so that she could oneday pay me back. I walked on happy to have helped. I walked on through ;london just looking and observing different people and their flows and just how everyone was chuggin along at their own speeds. As it was hot I had bought a new bottle of water, as I drank it though my throat would tense and make it hard fo me to drink it, after acouple of swigs I started to cough heavily. Not knowing what was wrong I looked at the bottle. The label was all wrinkled and it just seemed wrong I carried on coughing and didn't stop until I threw the rest of the water in the bin at which point my cough stopped immediately. I don't know for a fact but I'd say that the water was probably bad somhow although I couldn't taste it and my body told me this by not letting me drink it. I thought back to tash and all the money that I had given her, it's not like I could afford it as I only had 120 in my account and I gave her 80 (well i spose i could technically afford it but it's not something that I would normally do) I was worried that I had made a mistake and that I was just being a drugged up fool but then something happened that I will take to my grave and is true in the truest sense of the word. I was walking along the street near Trafalgar Square when I passed a family walking the other way, as I looked at them I saw the girl on the end of the line. She looked exactly like a healthy happy version of Tash. Same hair , same height, same build , same face everything except that she had the bluest eyes I have ever seen. As we passed she looked directly at me, straight into my eyes and smiled a big smile. I knew now that Tash was ok.
I had a nice day for the rest of the day and there was even a situatuion where I sat next to a nice lady on the tube who had helped an old man up when the train had started too quickly and he had fallen. I could tell that she was a kind person and in my own head wished her well as she got off the train. I got off the train at the next stop but decided as it was such a nice day to take a long walk through the estates to get back home. Once again I follwed the flow not really knowing where I was as I had never been through that part of town before but knowing that I would be taken where I needed to go and about three quaters of the way through the walk who should I bump into coming out of her house but the nice lady on the train who had got off a stop before me. I don't know what this may have meant to her although I know she recognised me but to me it just showed me that the flow works and we're all part of it.

Thankx for listening to me I hope some and all of this makes sense to someone. I don't believe that all of this was created by the shrooms. I believe that it is always here and we can always do it but mushrooms are like glasses that we use until our eyes are fixed and we don't need them any more.
Love you all Sam
if you want to contact me try Didgeman3@Yahoo.com )

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