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MRCA Tyroler Gluckspilze
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The Field of beauty

I had recently grown out some PESA's, and had them dried for a good month or so.

I had recently grown out some PESA's, and had them dried for a good month or so. I was just dying to try them, and none of my friends or girlfriend were up for doing them.

This all happend in Febuary of 2002. The spring was coming upon us, and the weather had been the hottest its been in months. The sun was out, and the birds were singing.

As I am usually the one who brings up the subject of eating mushrooms, I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to eat a few and go for a hike through the forest. The day was beautiful, we were doing nothing, and she had no choice but to say yes!

I ate about an eigth or so, and she had about half that amount. Nothing great for the first 30 mins to hour. We were hiking through the forest on some trails which we had never really gone on before. All of a sudden we came upon a coy pond. There was a stream flowing down, and a minature waterfall into about a 5x5' pond of goldfish and coys. We sat and watched this amazing beauty.

Within about 30 seconds of our amazement, a red humming bird sat upon a perch right above the waterfall. You dont really see hummingbirds just stop and sit. It started dancing around in the water, and was taking a bath. We watched it sit there for about a minute in complete awe. It was just beautiful. In an instant, it sat straight up, and took off, and flew about a foot over our heads. You could hear the zipping of the wings as it flashed by.

Just like that, the humming bird brought us the trip. A wave of brightness and happiness flashed through us.

Our hike continued as we came upon a huge green grass field. This was another perfect place to stop and sit. We smoked a bowl, and after my first puff I was gone. I laied back and I dont think we talked for the next hour as our minds were much too busy to correlate thoughts and images into words. I closed my eyes and looked up to the sun. Bright orange and yellow images flashing through my eyelids. Patterns of symmetry (sp?) were in an everlasting evolution of change. Colors of different hues and flashes spinning around.

Images of my childhood skewed. Thoughts in which I had answers to all, however never actually figuring out what I was actually thinking of.

I'd say two hours later, ( I couldnt bare to figure out what time had past or even what the hands on my watch meant) we kept walking down into the lower lands of the forest were we thought a creek would be.

Along the way we noticed many different species of mushrooms, animals and insects. Conifer trees moving in every direction, no perception of distance or space.

The trip lasted for only 4 hours or so. The PESA's were not any more visual than any other mushroom that I had ate, they were very speedy however. My heart seemed to be pumping faster, and my adreniline seemed to be going through the roof.

Coming down was a great feeling. Deep coioncious thoughts and ideas, a great bonding experience for the both of us.

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