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The Evolution of Conciousness

Let me start by telling you all that this report is focused mainly on a level 3 trip that I recently had about 3 months ago while I was on summer break, and that it was my 4th experiance with pshycadelic mushrooms.

Let me start by telling you all that this report is focused mainly on a level 3 trip that I recently had about 3 months ago while I was on summer break, and that it was my 4th experiance with pshycadelic mushrooms. I had eaten them once in 8th grade, and then 3 times within a week the second time I came across the shrooms, which was this time. On one lucky Friday I bought a half-ounce of dried shrooms that were gold and had wierd bell shaped caps that tasted good. We ate a 1/2g each on Friday night, and a gram each on Sunday night to test the quality and potency.

The following Tuesday,I awoke at exactly 8:00 am, I remember because for some weird reason when I opened my eyes I was starrring at the clock next to my bed. I then preceded to try and hang a 48" double black light above my drumset, but I ended up falling off of the chair and landing on my set, spreading it apart. I didn't think much of this until after the trip, the whole day seemed to be another world or something. Anyways, I gave up on the black light and woke up Joe and Steve to start tripping. We started consuming them at precisely 8:25am and followed them down with lots of Orange Juice. We each ate about 3.5g in five minutes and went out into the living room to watch The Simpsons, DEEP SPACE HOMER, while the shrooms took place.

I have to let you know, that The Simpsons on mushrooms is either the funniest thing you've ever seen before, or the scariest, or both. After about 15 minutes we were already feeling them and they were coming on strong. We ate only the shrooms for 'breakfast' that morning and it filled me up for the whole day. SO... After another 10 minutes or so, we were still watching the Simpsons, but I couldn't concentrate on it very well, and kept thinking extremely
fast about alot of things that I don't remember much of. I
distinctly remember trying to watch the show, but seeing pale white waves of energy or radiation or something coming out of the T.V. and I was paying attention to that.

Then I stood up and could no longer watch the Simpsons, I just had to be outside.. And So I walked out back, or at least that where I thought I was going. I sat on ared wooden bench under a tree, and Joe was in a red wooden chair next to that, while Steve was facing us both and sitting on a chair. The sky that morning was more orange/red than any day I've ever known, and I could feel some internal connection or something to the Universe, and to existence. I looked down at the grass and wathced it blow only at the tops of the strands, in the wind while
the rest of the strands remained frozen. This tree we were sitting under was tripping us out alot too, it was like pissing drops of water on us or something, and we couldn;t tell if it was real or not until after the trip, and it was. A little while later, we returned into the house to go "jam" in the blacklight, and the trip was still coming on intensly.

I looked at my face in the mirror because I suddenly felt nausea and thought I had to vomit, but as I looked into my reflection,veins that pumped with my heart beat appered to flow onto my face and I looked like a tree or very old person. I weigh 158lbs now and when I ate the shrooms, however, while I was expanding my mind I weighed absolutely nothing, and I felt like I was on the best amusement ride ever physically. By the way I am male and 17 years old, a junior in highschool now, I just wanted to let any first time shroomers know so they can perhaps more accurately estimate how much to take.

After the sick feeling went away, we preceeding into my garage to finish hanging the black light and jam. We manage somehow to hang the light, but we couldn't manage to plug in the cord. My dad walked into the garage and said something as he pointed towards my feet to the multitap plug, he sounded very distant and his head was tiny. He said it again and I understood him " The plug for this is by your feet.", how very simple right? Well, we never did plug in the light, we were all starting to trip hard. I sat down at my drums, only to be completely shocked at what they looked like. The symbols appeared more like curved U's and my set was not set up right, I could not figure out how they went.

now we were reaching our peake and went into my room so nobody would hear us tripping. This is where it gets really blurry in my memory, and my room was no longer a cube, it was a sphere. All 90 degree angles were gone. We all peaked for a while, we ended up listening to 5 and a 1/2 hrs of music that joe had perposely burned to blank cd's for the trip, it was all our favorite bands... at some point during my trip I came to the conclusion that mushrooms are Evolving the conciousness of humans.

This was the most eye opening event in my life to date, and I personally believe that psylocybin and psylocin cause the brain to be able to perceive more "senses" if you will. Timothy Leary suggested that the right side of the human brain becomes active during a mushroom trip, we only use about 10% of our brain 'sober', what is happening to cause the brain to become more active? The chemicals are somehow activating unused sections of the brain, which results with a "trip.", and an expanded mind. I have heard somewhere that humans are the Universe trying to understand itself, think about this while tripping next time. I also would like to add that I think the band TOOL, is refering to hallucingenics as a tool or utensil for evolving the human conciousness as a whole.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope that this is useful to someone, somewhere, that is thinking about trying shrooms.Just have an open mind and think for yourself, live while you live.

7, October 2005
Jared Vinson

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