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The Evil Party

Me and four other friends had by chance come across a great mushroom hookup ($15 for 1/8 oz!

Me and four other friends had by chance come across a great mushroom hookup ($15 for 1/8 oz!), and decided enthusiastically to go for it. Each of us bought a dried 1/8th ounce bag, and headed off to a party we had heard about. The party atmosphere was not very safe; a lot of strange faces we didn't know, many of them violent hardcore-gangster looking guys. Blinded by our enthusiasm for taking the mushrooms, we all ate our eights and stood around the kitchen (it was a really small house, with a whole lot of strange people around, and there really wasn't anywhere to sit).

Gradually, after what felt like 15 minutes or so, I started to feel the effects of the shrooms kicking in. I started feeling very nautious, and walked to the toilet and waited. Nothing erupted out, so I rejoined my friends standing in the kitchen. Things began to make less and less sense, and I quickly realized that I wasn't going to be able to act normal for much longer. I felt a strong urge to leave the house and go for a walk, to get away from all the unfamiliar people, but my friends, having taken the mushrooms after I did, wanted to stick around for a bit longer. I started getting scared and frustrated, but stuck around and waited.

The vinyl floor then caught my attention; it was embossed with all sorts of little holes and dents, and I was dazzled by the electric blues and reds swirling through them, in addition to the way some colors seemed a lot closer up than the more distant ones. I looked up and managed to get everyone into taking a walk.

So, we walked outside the house, but ended up standing around with another group of strange people (getting stranger by the minute!) at the front door. Finally, we all left the house and started walking. It didn't feel real safe out there either... it was a fairly bad neighborhood. We went to a small park and sat down on a bench. This is when I started feeling good. It was the first opportunity I had to sit down, and I marveled in the way each of my friends had their own separate little characters. One of my friends was the cold guy, and spent half the night shivering and complaining about how cold he was (he was finally given a jacket). Another close friend kept looking at us wide eyed, saying "this is way too intense!". One of my female friends kept saying she wanted to go home. I felt like the neutral guy, watching benevolently over it all.

The whole night seemed very "purple" to me... everything seemed to be shrouded in a deep reddish-purple color.

We eventually went back to the house (lord knows how, with our sense of direction so messed up) and sat on the couch. Some guy put in a bizarre Anime sex tape, and we all zoned out on that while we came down. Throughout the movie I felt pretty bizarre, but when the lights came back on I realized I was almost completely back to normal.

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