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The Eagle Has Landed

Living in Florida has its subtle advantages, particularly when it comes to tripping.

Living in Florida has its subtle advantages, particularly when it comes to tripping. My friend who I will call T, (I am J) owns five acres of land with horses and other livestock, as well her next door neighbors who own some cattle and are more than willing to allow us to cull their field for the magical fruit.
We started our trip off around 4:40pm with six sombrero's each (Psilocybe cubensis) and a half for good measure. These Shrooms were choice, each had been larger than a coke can when they were picked. T cut them into little peices for each of us. I wolfed my portion down licking the left over psilocybe on the plate for good measure. T who is not big on mushrooms had to eat hers with a grimace, and she nearly blew chunks from the taste, but she managed with a healthy dose of Ginseng tea chaser. T watched me in suprise as i finished mine in about five minutes.
Within in 20-25 mins (around 5:10pm)we were staring to feel the effects. We had prepped the cd player with a careful selection of Cd's. Pink FLoyd, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Stone Temple Pilots. Ofcourse all that preparation went out the window when we started tripping balls. The First feelings i experienced was a tingling sensation in my toes that rode like a wave up and through my body exiting at the top of my head, I felt giddy and very happy.
We had already forgotten about the stereo/cd player and had flipped on the tube to watch the Simpson's cartoon on tv. We lit up a bowl of weed and smoked it while the first initial wave hit us. The colors on the Tv screen brightened a little seemed more intense than normal. How was I know that this was just the beginning of a four hour peak.
We picked up the phone and called my friend JH, a fellow tripper and stoner buddy, we began to describe the feelings we were having. The call did not last long as we were beginning to trip harder with each tick of the clock. We were only 40-45 min into the trip. Shortly thereafter we lost complete track of time. Time seeming to suspend and stop completely.
As the trip intensified T wanted to watch some Steven Segal movie (She thinks he is cute)about Anthrax or something. I muttered something about the technology was bringing me down and could not take watching the movie. I turned and looked out her picture window into the fields behind her house. I noticed the trees and bushes were doing strange things, sorta like waving to me, they also appeared to be morphing and changing shapes. I looked back at T to comment on this, but as my eyes swept the room they locked on a bowl of caps we were drying. the caps were down with their stems poking up, the Stems were turning and swaying like a dance, each stem had a single eye on the end that followed me. I shook my head and blinked my eyes, and turned to the Tv. During this time T had been telling me about how her hair was free and spirited. By the time I focused my attention back on T, she was experiencing her own 3-d visual show. With her eyes closed, she was saying something about seeing mushrooms intertwining and melding with other shapes and colors which changed and morphed constantly. The caps she was seeing also had faces with long eyelashes, surrounding these images she had some kind of Kaleidoscope thing going on. The show must have been pretty f'ING AWESOME
cause she refused to open her eyes. I then decided to cover my head with my T-shirt and get me some of that action. What I saw was a wild 3-D chessboard where the squares that should have been white were all different colors, consisting of very vivid Reds, Blues, Greens and Purples. The chessboard was waving like a flag in the wind, then suddenly seemed to flow like a river over my head and away. There were some other color trails and objects, but they seemed irrelevant next to this flowing chessboard. These effects we had appeared periodocally during our trip.
When we had opened our eyes and I had pulled the shirt off my head, T kept tripping about my hair, it was sticking straight up and she said it looked like I had a halo around my head.
I was constantly running my fingers through my hair and this also tripped her out because it would change the pattern of my hair. About an hour or so had gone by? Who knows? Our friend D walked into the room; both T and I were kinda bugged by this, because we were safe and secure in our "Cave" (T's bedroom).
D sat down and proceeded to attempt a conversation. T was trying hard to her credit, but I could not stop laughing about a jar of peanut butter. I remember this jar of P.B. magically appearing on the bed with some ritz crackers.
I guess at some point T had gotten it from the kitchen. T was telling us both that the peanut butter kept your mouth busy far too long.
D meanwhile kept going on and on about the bed spread, and I could not help but tell her she would get more reaction out of Mister Peanut Butter (I had named the peanut butter and he was hanging with us like an old friend).

I guess D got tired or talking to a couple of wacko's and left after 10 minutes or so. We were still accelerating and had not hit our peak, in fact we were far from it.

We laughed for awhile and at some point I had to get a tissue. It seemed my body was leaking copious amounts of liquids. I stumbled into the bathroom, the door of which was a slding one that had come off the track. Inside the bathroom T was keeping a mother cat and two kittens which i had to carefully avoid. I grabbed the toilet paper which the cats had unrolled and left in a big ball, and took it with me.
Once outside I declared to T, that I had rescued the toilet paper which had been held prisoner of war by the cats. I looked at the strands and scraps of toilet paper which seemed to hold all sorts of shapes and images.
The strongest image reminded me of Snuffalufagus (Sesame street character) I tried showing this to T, but she could not see what I saw. Then we were both laughing uncontrollably for a long time.
The door opened and T's boyfriend came into the bedroom and T was just tripping. She looked at him strangely and said sdomething about his face being real fuzzy. When her boyfriend asked her to touch his face, she cringed and said he looked like Neelix from Star Trek Voyager.
Several times he tried to leave the room but T kept calling him back to tell him the same thing over and over again. I was soon rolling on the floor again laughing, felt like I laughed for six hours, my eeys would not stop running and my laugh sounded like a cartoon characters.
We picked up the phone and called our friend "A" another tripping buddy and babbled at him incoherently fro about 5 minutes. It's nice to have friends who understand.
It was hard to focus on anything for any period of time and several times I tried to get something to drink. I could never make it to the door, and I always seemed to end up on T's bed. This would trip T out because one moment I was sitting in a chair next to the bed, which I had been most of the evening and when T would blink I was on her bed.
I had periods of hot flashes which caused me to sweat, I run hot anyway. That mixed with rolling around on the carpet had caused cat and dog fur to stick to my body. T thought I was some sort of big cat. She would start to touch me then she would think to herself no way.
At one point she looked at me in the chair. I was wearing a pair of black shorts and clutching my Harley T-shirt, which I constantly reminded her, WAS MY SHIRT. The chair I was sitting in was black velveta and with my shirt draped across my lap T thought I was naked. This prompted me to put on a pair of jeans. I felt happier in my jeans then my shorts. The whole time I thought I was Angus Young of AC/DC.
T was laying across her bed with hear hair draped over the side. I grabbed a handful of her hair, not tightly (She has the most beautiful long brown hair with red and blond hightlights) I bundled it like a snake and was waving it over her face. She opened her eyes and freaked out, as it seemed to her a completely unnatural thing for hair to be doing.
She looked back at me and I pointed to my T-shirt and told her this was my T-shirt, this was a common theme for me throughout most of the trip.
I wandered around the room for a few minutes before settling on the floor and looked up at a mirror which was framed by two Batleth (Klingon Swords). I noticed from my upside down position the intricate shading on the mirror which started dark black at the top and cleared up toward the bottom. It was so cool, I laid there for about 15 minutes just looking at mirror.
We were now about 3 and half hours into the trip and our thoughts were starting to become organized again. Still everytime we thought we were down a new wave would hit us thought the impact was less frequent and shorter in duration.
Slowly our feet touched the ground and we announced "Thje Eagle has Landed."

J and T

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