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Campfire codology.

A couple of nights ago, I ate 10 grams of Philosopher’s Stone truffles.

A couple of nights ago,
I ate 10 grams of Philosopher’s Stone truffles.
My friends and I were in a painting:
A beautiful, deep and rich nightscape
With long blurred purple strokes across the partial twilight
And gently swaying trees,
Whose fine branches blurred to make
Dark fans against the skyline
Everything was at different angles,
Warped, obtuse, acute, oblique,
And caravans and stuff became exaggerated cartoon versions of themselves, Kinda like Dr. Seuss drawings.
And whenever anyone tried to engage me in conversation,
I couldn’t concentrate on what they were saying because-
Their faces kept morphing into whatever animal they resembled most:
Mice, Gorillas, Camels etc.
They became exaggerated caricature versions of themselves
With big, wide eyes and huge grins:
Like the video to black hole sun, or Windowlicker.
Kinda scary in the darkness of the campfire,
But funny at the same time.
I became acutely aware of my own ridiculousness,
I was embarrassed by my foolishness, so
I cautiously went over every word I was about to spout;
Or just avoided speaking completely,
But it didn’t work in the slightest.
I was a confused babbling mess. BABBLING mess.
When I monged out in front of the campfire for a while,
I saw little perfect eyes in the embers and the wood-grain.
I think this was because I wanted to,
I was working feverishly to make recognizable images in the fire-
And it worked.
But after I while, it started happening on it’s own,
Much more intensely than before, and I couldn’t shake away the faces
Cruel, staring faces in the little, orange
Crevices of the stacked, burning timber.
Then I saw something startling:
Directly across from me on a couch,
A friend was sitting, absolutely zoned out and pale whitish/green compared to
The orange glow of the other smiling faces.
Suddenly, everything went quiet and everything else
Was blocked out of my peripheral vision.
All I could see was his face, cold, completely deathlike.
I became very emotional at this point, because I wanted to help this dying person.
He obviously had the plague, and I was so warm and comfortable,
I just wanted to share my health and my potent imagination with this poor guy…….
Everything was beautiful, but I felt like a helpless, jittery fool.
The End.

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