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The diner

before I begin I must say everone in the diner(including the guy who was working there) was my friend except for one guy I had never seen before.

before I begin I must say everone in the diner(including the guy who was working there) was my friend except for one guy I had never seen before.While I picked up an ounce shrooms and decided it'd trip of 5g. So i met up with some friends at a diner type place buy a pop and start muching on the shrooms and drinking the pop. I realized the trip was starting when I looked down at a piece of plastic wrap and saw a pattern move across it then back to the other side and across again for about two/three minutes. I looked around the room and noticed the walls were waving like water. I looked back down at the table and it was gettng bigger than shrinking back to normal(this happened everytime i looked at it for the rest of the night). I couldnt understand what my friends were saying, I could only grasp a few words at a time. There was ths guy there who must of told me his name about ten times or more but I could never remember it. suddenly(not sure if this really happened but...) this guy started sweeping up, this really triped me out cause he didnt even work there. When he sat back down(this is hard to explain) I noticed that everybody was very close to me, this comforted me in someway I cant explain. Some kid came running in, he was hidding from these kids who came in a few seconds after him. He then went and sat with them and and they tried to steal the tips from my friend who was working there. This was bad because when Im clean I can beat almost anybody but not now. My friends grabbed there chairs and thats when I realzed I was sitting on the floor. One of the guys we were gonna fight started grunting at me but for some reason I could understand him perfectly and what his intentions were, he didnt want to fight, none of them did. So I told them to leave or I would call up a this guy(gang related guy everybody knows him and is scrared of him) so they went off. I began to ask the time constantly because we were gonna meet some people out front of a school dance at eleven. At about 10:30 we left to meet them but it was so cold I had to go back inside. So we went into a burger king and ran into some frinds of theres. I started talking to this one girl whom I didnt know I told her she looked 18 but she told me she was only 16. I looked her up and noticed the floor under us was slowly moving away. we all sat down togther in a booth one of my friends was selling them weed after that it was 11:00 or so and we hand to leave but I couldnt because the booth had partially swallowed me and I couldnt pull away. So I told then to wait for it to losen its grip on me. I talked for awhile with this girl(until about 11:20 or so when the booth had let me go) so we were off to the school now and went home with the kids we were meeting. We smoked alot of weed siting in front of a fire place. It was my first level three and am glad I stayed out of trouble because I still had four grams in my pocket the whole night.

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