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the devils after me

My best friend,his cousin and I all decided to trip out one night on top of the lookout.

My best friend,his cousin and I all decided to trip out one night on top of the lookout. The lookout is about ten miles from the nearest house. We tripped their many times before so it was pretty normal. Anyway at this lookout you can see for miles and miles away. It overlooks mountains and valley's. Really cool place.
We ate our mushrooms before we went up there. We didn't want to get there before we started tweaking so we just drove around before we started just waiting for it to hit.
Finally we felt our stomaches start getting that feeling so we new it was time to head up there.

Well when we got up there it all felt really strange. It was so dark out-no moon or stars. Me and my best friend's cousin bob could smell death,taste death, and feel death all around us. It was so weird. We started telling my best friend dan that we had to get out of there now or something awful was going to happen to us. It took him awhile to believe us but finally we got outta there. Now we were out of a trippin spot for the night. We drove around for awhile thinking of where we could tweak. Finally we decided to go to the Nuclear Power Plant and trip by the river.

I drove my jeep on all the back roads. I started getting really cold. I pulled over to put my drug rug on. When I looked up at the sky it was so dark and it looked so evil. At that point I saw satan looking right at me. I jumped back in my jeep and asked somebody else to drive. I sat in the back of the jeep.
All the way up it felt like there was going to be a HUGE storm that was going to suck everyone in the world into space. It was so freaky. We continued driving though. Now those two were starting to feel what I was talking about. We tried to ignore it by talking about something differnt but no matter what that evilness just kept fallowing us.
We started thinking it was the end of all times so we all decided to spend it with our families. We turned around. Dan and i both had to pea so we pulled over in a field. We got out and when we started peaing this huge light came out of nowhere and scared the shit out of us. We thought it was satan coming to get us. Now we really wanted to get home and be with our families.
I didn't want to drive them all the way back to there house because i thought satan was going to get me by myslf.
They wanted to be with their families so i brought them home. I remaeber leaving them at the end of there road and watching them fun as fast as they could to their house. I turned my jeep around as fast as i could and went home. I remember wanting to get there before the end came.
I got home and went to my room. I didn't want to wake anybody up. I wanted them to all die peacefully in their sleep. I turned on my stereo and held my dog and waited for the end. I kept thinking i hope this is just these mushrooms fucking with my head.
All night and morning I kept peeking out the window to make sure nothing was happening. Needless to say nothing did.

This was the scariest trip I've ever experienced in my life but now i realize it was something i had to go through to be at my spiritual level now.

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