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The Crack Lady!

I bought 8 grams that day from my friend, and went to my pool To eat them.

I bought 8 grams that day from my friend, and went to my pool To eat them. Just as I was about to eat them another friend called me. I told her i was about to do shrooms and she wanted to do them as well. This would be her first time. I decided to share because of the countless times she had lent me money and smoked me up. When she got to my house i gave her 3 grams and I had 5. In about 30 minutes I started to feel them. The trees in the distance were swaying and dancing and it made me the happiest I'd ever been. I then looked over at my friend and she didn't look too good. She looked like she was about to puke... which she did. Luckily she had only ate around 1 gram. I generously gave her some of mine leaving me with around 3. After an hour i went inside and turned on the radio. It played the last bit of Stairway to Heaven and for some reason it made me really sad and want to turn it off. But the song ended and some Pink Floyd came on. I was so excited because... well, it was Pink Floyd. I went and sat beside the couch and looked at the flower pattern on it. The flowers started to dance to the music. But I had the sudden urge then to just walk around. So we both walked down to my friends bank to get some money for food. I waited outside because the bank scared the crap out of me and she went in. Then on my mp3 player some Mars Volta came on and a bush in front of the bank started to vibrate, and 4 or 5 bright blue and green snakes slithered out and went passed me. I was really astonished at their colors and it made me feel very cold all of a sudden. Which was weird because it was like 40 degrees outside. Then my friend came out of the bank with $20. We walked down the street and happened to meet up with two other friends. After a warm greeting and a warm sensation on my brain, we went to the river. I jumped in as soon as we got there and it the water felt like a cocoon of evolution that would make me travel through age. But when i emerged from the depths my heart sank to see I was still the same age. So I walked over to my 3 friends and pointed out that I had jumped in with all my clothes on. It didn't matter though, the cocoon was so intense thats all I could think about. We were hanging out at the river for about one hour now when this 50 year old lady comes wading through the river in her underwear! As she was walking towards us she had the look of utter evil on her face. But as she got closer I realized she was a harmless drunk. She sat in between me and my first friend. She then started telling us about how she went to Paris and could speak french. I was so intrigued by her story. I had never listened this hard, and I could tell my friend was also as interested as I was. She then added up the numbers of my birthday then divided them and she ended up with 8. Which said I was a "good companion." She then left through the river in her underwear. That was the most creepiest shit I had ever experienced. It was as if she could read my very soul. My mind was going a thousand miles a minute! I then looked at my friend and she was definitely feeling the same vibe I was off the lady. I sat there thinking to myself, about nothing really, but it was at the same time everything. I was trapped in my mind and it wouldn't stop. But then I everybody was leaving, so I followed. We walked to the A & W and my first friend went in and bought us each a teen burger. Then we walked down to my house to hang out now that we were coming down from our high. When we got to my house we started up a game of Mario Party for the N64, but soon got bored. One of my friends left so it was just Me, the girl and the other friend. The girl had to go home so I walked her home and smoked a bowl. I then walked home and had the most incredible sleep I'd ever had. My mind however still racing at what had happened that day, and it seemed to never quit thinking. It was really starting to give me a headache. So I lay in my bed thinking of everything that came to mind. After a long time of contemplating I fell asleep.
It was a day worth living...

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