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The colors fell from the sky

May 10, 06 For me, this was my first time taking mushrooms.

May 10, 06
For me, this was my first time taking mushrooms. I have smoked ganja many a time, but this was a trip from the ordinary. It all begins with my desperate search for the shrooms. I live in the suburbs abt 20 miles from philly and for some reason i couldnt find them. I was not surprised, considering the options for enjoying oneself in the vortex of suburbia are limited to getting high or skulking about the mall. B/c of this, most people who get shrooms in my area are reluctant to let go of them. Finally, i got my chance. Someone I knew well picked up an ounce. I bought 7 grams and saved them in honey b/c my brother wanted to trip w me. Then, saturday arrives with perfect trippin weather. I decided to start around midday b/c the thought of nite trippin was out of the question. At about noon, it was go time. We ate the shrooms and washed them down w water. The taste wasnt so bad b/c of the honey. After i swallowed them, i smoked a bowl. Although i am a newbie, i was anxious to try my new piece. 20 minutes later, i felt the shrooms coming on. Being outside, i started walking. The sidewalk may have been on the ground but i was walking upward in mid air. I dont know how the fuck that happened. Seconds later, it was gone. I decided to go back into my house. I went into my room and put on some music. As i lay in bed, I started to see purple elves come out of nowhere. Holy shit, i thought trying to relax and enjoy what i was seeing. For some reason i went on the floor and started to twist rapidly, according to my brother who was standing at the doorway. He asked what the fuck was i doing. I said that there was a rotating platform on the floor and he should try it out. As i was on the "platform", the walls had rotating tie dye patterns and there were little pink flying elephants. When i saw them i started to laugh uncontrollably. I never fully understood why they were so funny. I can tell u that it was a highlight of my trip. It was definately time to go outside again. As the door opened, I saw everything wrapped in a bright blue aura and there was a row of trees waving at us. In retrospect it would be no surprise that i saw them doing that. A month before, my mom was talking about one of her trips in the 70s and she told me of the trees. Out there, colored orbs began to fall from the sky. There was a multitude of glowing masses and they had an awkward allure. I suddenly got the impulse to touch them. I couldnt and i got frustrated, luckily no one saw me reaching into thin air. It was as if someone was fucking with my head. What seemed short turned out to be like 7 hours. Shortly after my conflict with the colored orbs, i came down. After returning to normal, i checked my bud stash. I had a gram left so i went outback to smoke a blunt. No better way to wind down after a trip. I love shrooms.

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