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The chill, the bad, and the amazing

I just tripped on shrooms for the first time about 2 weeks ago.

I just tripped on shrooms for the first time about 2 weeks ago. I live in an apartment on a college campus. Me and about 8 of my friends (quite a big group), decided to trip together. After eating the shrooms in a pb and j sandwich, I started to feel my stomach hurting about 20 minutes later (technically shrooms are food poison, so this is normal). I went outside and sat on the brick steps to my apartment with 2 of my friends. I just felt a little nausea and dizziness, and we just talked and I asked some of my friends if they felt the same, and they said they did. Just a side note, you may not understand what you are feeling when you trip, I know that I kept asking questions,like "is this normal, or Have you ever felt this when u did them?". The stomach pain went away in about a half hr and the dizziness wasn't as bad. Anyways,we talked for about half hour, and I did not get any visuals at this point. Then we went back inside the apartment and watched Alice in Wonderland, hahaha, i never thought it would be so freaky. So I was sitting there on the couch and everyone just started laughing with each other on the floor, and even though I was only a few feet away i felt distance from them. I was in my own world. I put my head back and looked up to the ceiling, and little individual circles were spinning like in a kaleidescope (don't know how to spell it). I thought this was amazing yet it kind of scared me at the same time. Whenever i looked back up at the ceiling the little circles would appear again. Also, and I think someone else said this earlier, things started to breath out at me. Our refrigerator had a pulse!! haha, no but i kept rubbing my eyes and looking back at it and i could hear and feel my breathing as the fridge bubbled out and then back in. Insane. Anyways, so i went back outside after the movie, and chilled on the steps again with my friend, I started to look at this brick walkway and the bricks started moving around like tetris and turned different colors,as an orb like sphere rose above it, it was probably one of the most amazing visual things I have ever seen. After this, I went in my friends car to go pick up a keg for our party we were having. This was strange because I did not know the kid very well and i was tripping my ass off. So I went into the gas station to use the ATM, and the place lit up and all the colors were bright as hell and i was so distracted! I had to concentrate so hard to find the ATM. After returning from this hour long keg trip, I went into my apartment to find about 10 guests there. I all of the sudden started to feel very alone, and that I wanted this trip to end, but I could not stop it, that left me feeling hopeless, and so I decided to go into my room and lie down. This was not a good idea, because I could not go to sleep. I soon convinced myself to get out into the other room and talk to people, maybe that would make me feel better. I started talking and laughing with my good friend Chelsey, and all of the sudden I was feeling like me again! I almost went from feeling like total hell to feeling on top of the world. I started singing and had alot of fun. From that point on I was feeling good and the visuals slowly came to a halt and i was upset that i could not see them anymore. This is bout all i have to write bout the shrooms, not sure if ill do them again, it can be a roller coaster of thoughts, but my advice is u just have to accept it and things will go well.

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