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The Chase!

Where to begin.

Where to begin... It was my first trip and I really didn't know what to expect. One of my friends was having a huge party and I decided to take an 8th and a half of shrooms. I wish someone had stepped up and told me not to do it under those particular circumstances.I had heard that shrooms last about 5-6 hours usually so I took them at about 6:30PM with my best friend. We then proceeded to drive across town over to the party. By the time we got there, both of us were already feeling that uneasy-nearvous feeling that sets in before you start feeling good. It was the kind of feeling that just makes you think "oh God, what did I just do?." I sat down on the couch and began staring at the ceiling hoping that the strange feeling in my stomach would go away. It had been about 30 minutes since I ate the shrooms and I was beginning to notice the ceiling twisting and breathing to the music in the background. When I finally sat up and looked around the room, I noticed the feeling in my stomach was gone and replaced by an overwhelming euphoric body high. I was feeling good and enjoying the suttle visuals as I noticed tons of people were beginning to show up. An hour later, it was clear to me that this experience was unlike anything I had ever done before. People were trying to talk to me and getting nothing but nonsense as replies. My attempts to communicate with them met with failure as well because everything they said to me sounded like some strange forgotten language, and that I was the only one who could not speak it. My friend would later tell me that I kept saying the word "banana" in a profound confusion as if trying to figure out if that was what he had said to me. My two best friends saw that I was wigging out and decided to take me upstairs where it was less crazy. When I got there, things began to make more sense and we began talking about our experiences. After a while, Tyler, the only one of us who was not tripping, asked us if we wanted to go on a car ride and listen to some music. After a few minutes of total indecisiveness, he dragged us out the door and into my car where he proceeded to get out my bong and weed stash. After a few minutes of persuasion, we all began to smoke. And I mean A LOT! We were finished smoking and Tyler asked me to get my keys from inside so we could drive somewhere. Feeling perfectly able at the time, I jumped at the challenge. It wasn't until I got inside the house that the weed began to hit me. Almost suddenly, I began to hear my heartbeat and time seemed to slow down considerably. I stood there in the kitchen with my hand reached out for the keys for what seemed like an eternity. I couldn't tell if I was really there grabbing my keys like I always would or just standing there with my arm outstretched for a long period of time. When one of my friends finally began to move again and threw me my keys, I realized just how fucked up I was. The keys glided through the air slowly and gracefully, landing gently in my hands. I stood there for a moment in awe of this party which was taking place in slow motion, and wondering whether or not I was breathing. Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder. Time seemed to speed up again and I turned around to see Tyler standing there. "Are you alright dude? You've been standing there for 20 minutes," he said. I couldn't believe it and continually asked him if he was fucking with me. We then proceeded back outside. By this time I had forgotten that my best friend was in my car smoking and began to freak out when I saw the shadowy figure in my car. Ty quickly reminded me who it was and we began to walk towards the car. Once again, time began to slow down, and I could not feel my body. I just seemed to float from the doorstep to my car door and collapsed in the back seat.The engine started and we were off. We drove all over town and a streak of paranoia began to set in. I looked around at the cars and began to fear that they knew I was tripping and were calling the cops or something. I looked at Tyler and he had a disturbed, angry expression on his face. I thought immediately that we were being chased by the police. I turned around and was blinded by the headlights behind us. They were so bright, in fact, that I began to think it was some new improved police vehicle. Time was still extremely distorted, and I could not tell if we were going the speed limit or were in a high speed chase. I looked around frantically as Tyler tore up a mountain road in an attempt to escape. He swerved as he turned at tremendous speeds on the high mountain road. Death seemed to be staring me in the face and I began saying my last words to God. Suddenly, the car came to a screaching stop and my friends calmly stepped out of the car. They saw the frantic look on my face and asked me what was wrong. I told them about the car chase and our brush with death and they both laughed. They had merely driven me up to a lookout point so we could look at the city. The car behind us was one of our friends who brought a few people up on his own. All in all it was a very scary experience. In the many times I have tripped since, I have never experienced one so confusing and terrifying.

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