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The Cat Trip

It was the middle of july on a rather warm sunny evening when me (jason), stevo and jill planned on doing a shroom trip for the first time in a long while.

It was the middle of july on a rather warm sunny evening when me (jason), stevo and jill planned on doing a shroom trip for the first time in a long while.

All three of us had done shroom's a number of times before so we all felt comfortable/prepared for what ever was going to happen. Most of us had only done shrooms the most common way(just eating them) so we wanted to try something different. We decided to try shroom tea as we had heard the trips are usually more intense.

We made some tea and quickly drank an 8th's worth each rather quickly (15 minutes or so) and just sat in stevo's living room talking about random things waiting for the trip to begin.

I would say about 15 or 20 minutes after we drank the tea the trip was starting to kick in. I started to feel really good and happy for absolutley no reason at all. I started to notice I was not the only one feeling that way so we kind of all agreed to drink a bit more tea to intensify the trip.

After we had done that I took my tea and made my way outside onto the front porch of stevo's house. It must of been around 8 a clock as the sun was slowly starting to set and the sky was looking more beautiful then usual. All three of us were feeling the trip coming on stronger and faster.

At this point I could feel my heart beating really fast. This kind of thing usually happens to me when I get high and/or do shrooms. It's kind of my own personal way of knowing how hard I'm tripping. At this point I was on the porch standing on the edge just staring off into the sky. I was still in a VERY good mood and was completely amazed by the beauty of the sky. The sun was setting and there was just the right amount of clouds in the sky that were of a pinkish colour. I felt almost like a zombie just letting my mind be absorbed by the sky. It felt like I had just let whole mind be free.

I'm not quite sure how long I was staring off into the sky, but I started to get some pretty strong visuals from the clouds. The clouds started to move faster and faster. After a little while they started to swirl into a cylinder shape. Always going clockwise (I dont know why I knew that). As this cylinder was spinning an object in the middle of the cylinder started to form. I'm not quite sure what the object turned into, but the object started to beat. Beat really fast, it was beating as fast as I could feel my own heart beating.

I'm not sure how long this lasted, but I lost concentration once stevo and jill made their onto the porch. All three of us just chilled on the porch for a while listening to some music and laughing at weird random things. Me and stevo (we've both tripped on shrooms together a bunch of times) have a ritual of visiting this old castle like building (I forget the actual name of the place, but it really did look like a castle like building, so I will refer to it as the castle from here on)located about 5-10 minutes away from the house. This was our goal of the night.

About an hour or so might have passed since we started tripping (the sun set was almost gone) and we decided our journey to the castle should happen soon. We wanted to smoke a few joints at this place, but the only problem was: we were starting to trip too hard to understand how to do this. We asked stevo's roommate (who just happen to be really good at rolling joints) to roll us a few.

This is were my trip started to go downhill a bit. We had gone inside to were stevo's roommate was and he happened to have a bunch of his friends over all hanging out in the living room. All three of us basically just chilled in the living room with the roommate and his friends while he rolled the joints. I'm not sure if I was just uneasy around the new people who I didn't know at all, or if being in a closed space full of people was starting to make me feel clausterphobic, but I started to kind of panic.

The roommate was taking a long time in rolling the joints and I was getting really anxious and kept saying I really want to go to the castle. All the voices which seem to be constantly going kind of overwhelemed me (my mind) and I felt like my body was over heating. It felt like I was litterally waiting for ever. It eventually got to the point were I could not take it anymore and just had to get out of there. I went outside to the porch (it getting darker than the last time I had been out there) and started talking to myself saying no jason your starting to have a bad trip. I have had this happened before and usually a change of scenry tends to fix that.

I just chilled on the porch alone for a little bit when finally stevo and jill came out (with the joints!) asking how I was. The trip now was starting to peak (as was theirs) and I was back to my good mood. The trip to the caslte was finally under way.

To give you an idea of the scenrey we're walking through picture a huge field of short grass, with a long paved road with numerous amounts of tree's on each side of the road all leading to a huge gothic/castle like building at the very end.

We decided to rather than walk straight down this road that we would take a small detour through the tree's to the side of the castle. For about five minutes or so none of us were really talking as the surroundings just basically left us speechless. It almost felt like I was seven old again and was waking up early on a christmas morning to go open my presents.

After a little bit of this things took a really twisted turn. Out of no were we hear a cat meow in a rather frisky manner and all of us put our attention to this cat running around us and climbing up tree's. I was tripping very hard right now and couldn't stop laughing at this damn cat. The
way it acted was in a way I had never seen a cat act before. It was really frisky/friendly running up tree's running in circles, practically jumping in our arms and licking our hands (which felt really weird).

Each one of us kind of had our own personal interaction with the cat as if it was our own. It was almost weird to see it jumping into my two friends arms like it was their cat, but in another way I just some how understood.
I kept saying to myself is this for real ? That thought quickly left my mind as stevo blurted out, DUDE, lets follow the cat and let it lead our journey.

All of us couldn't believe it, but just shrugged it off as all part of the trip and decided the only thing that made sense right now was to follow that damn cat.
We continued our journey through the tree's on our way to the castle when we reached a little bench in a clear area away from the tree's. We were still following the cat at this point, but once we hit clear area it dissappeared. Kind of not knowing were to go next we decided to just stay and smoke the first joint.

We were all peaking on our trips right now and the weed was putting me in one of the best moods I had ever been in. Everywere I looked, things looked unreal. To us the surroundings looked liked a painting drawn by some artist. The few lights around the area made the painted surroundings into a 3D shaped environment. (think of going to one of those movies wearing those funky glasses that made things look 3D, that is what it looked liked)

We all started to zone out when out of no were we hear a cat meow again and JUMP onto stevo's back. Stevo yells out in surprise and we all burst out laughing at how this came out of no were. It was our leader back again to lead us on our adventure to the castle. We make it to the caslte and stand right infront of the entrance.
(two huge brown/wooden doors that stood at least 15 feet above our head)

This was the best place of any to smoke our last joint. Things continued to peak for all of us, but as for me my extremely good mood went from really good, to really really good. Everything looked so beatiful and I felt happy about everything and anything. I didn't understand either of the two what so ever, but I was still in constant state of happiness. I'm not sure what came over me, but I just couldn't shut up. Stevo even started saying he had never seen me talk non stop like that (he has known me for years), but I just couldn't help myself.

We were still majorally tripping but,we decided we wanted to go back to stevo's. Only problem was we did not know how. Luckily enough we just started following the cat again and to make the somewhat long/uneventful journey short we made it back to stevo's after figuring out the difficulties in how to cross a road.

Now at this point I am still tripping hard and we had been following a cat for the last hour or so and still managed to get to our destinations. As soon as I got into the house I went to the first sober person I could find and basically just told them: Hi person I do not know, my name is jason and I've been tripping on shrooms for the last 2-3 hours and I just want to know one thing. IS THIS CAT FOR REAL ? She looked at me really confused when out of no were I hear some other person in the background shout out WHOS CAT IS THIS AND WHO LET IT IN THE HOUSE.

I freaked out cause all this time I was practically convinced this cat was just part of the trip from the way it had been acting. To my complete amazement the cat was VERY much real, but none of us had NO idea who's cat it was, nor had ever seen it before since living here.
I was laughing my ass of so hard when stevo informed in a calm tone that the cat will be gone once our trip is over.

The rest of the night was rather uneventful. Mostly just chilling on the porch listening to sublime and feeling really relaxed and almost physically tired from what had been a really intense trip. Right as most of us had been coming down from the trip we saw the cat in the drive way run away chasing a racoon and that would be the last time we ever saw that cat again.

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