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Caledon/Christmas 00

The first time that I ever tried shrooms was this one day in May '99.

The first time that I ever tried shrooms was this one day in May '99. I'd just come back from a school band trip and I hadn't seen my girlfriend in a while so why decided to celebrate with some mushrooms. I'd been interested in trying them because my girlfriend always talked about how great they were and she was really eager about trying them. I lived in Caledon Village, a lowlife boring hellhole west of Toronto that you'd miss if you blinked driving past it, with my brother and we'd been smoking weed for a few years but we hadn't had the opportunity yet to try shrooms. So this day after school, a group of us all went out into the fields and smoked a few bowls and then my girlfriend, brother and I divided a bag of about four grams between ourselves. At first I thought I was going into an attack and started crying because I didn't know what was going on. Everyone left and my girlfriend assured me that it was just the mushrooms. When I opened my eyes next, everything was breathing, the trees, the plants, the ground. It was incredible. After what seemed like a few hours, but only really twenty minutes, we found the rest of our group and smoked some more weed. I was so happy that I just couldn't stop myself from laughing and accidentally spilled the weed. Me and one of my friends found it all, because the weed kept talking to me, telling me where to find it. My brother was tripping badly though. He sat in the field screaming at the top of his lungs and didn't realize that we were leaving. He would later tell me that dragons were stirring up in the sky. We sat in my best friend's basement, still fucked out of our minds and watched the movie "Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas". One scene came up with a hitchhiker and for some reason he looked exactly like a friend of mine who used to go to school with us, except his head was melting. Then the whole tv started melting and spiders came crawling out of the furniture. I tried to tell my girlfriend and best friend about the spiders but everyone thought I was just tripping. I sat there for a while and then felt the sudden urge to go to the washroom. I found my way upstairs, went into the washroom and stopped dead when I looked at the mirror. I used to where makeup and in the mirror I saw the makeup coming off my eyes and spinning around in front of me. On top of that, my eyes were also floating in front of my face! My girlfriend, brother and I went out for a smoke and I just couldn't finish my cigarette because it was bending repeatedly in front of my eyes. I sat down for a while and then decided to go home and crash. I wouldn't do shrooms again until Christmas 2000.
I now had an apartment and a new girlfriend of 1 and a half years. She went over to her parents the night before so I woke up by myself Christmas morning at 9:00 and smoked a two paper joint I'd rolled the previous night and stashed in my ceiling. My girlfriend came home a few hours later and we took down a half quarter of shrooms between the two of us. It took a while to hit, but when it did it hit hard. My girlfriend and I decided to watch a movie and it ended up being "The Nightmare Before Christmas". The combination of shrooms, weed and Tim Burton Claymation movies led for a very interesting afternoon which I don't remember much of except for being exceedingly happy. Although I do remember there being so many different colours and creatures that don't really exist wandering around the apartment. I went up to get a drink and my landlord must have thought I was nuts because I couldn't seem to catch a bottle of coke that was happily dancing around the kitchen. When I went back downstairs, the fifty or so posters that decorate my apartment were all breathing all at once and it looked like the whole house was going to collapse. My girlfriend also seemed to have a liquid shirt on that my hands would sink into everytime I touched it. After opening presents and having Christmas dinner, still buzzing but not hallucinating any more, we decided to make shrooms our annual christmas tradition.

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