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The Big Red Lollipop

I got to R’s house, around 8:00PM, there was still no word on the fungus.

I got to R’s house, around 8:00PM, there was still no word on the fungus. We finally heard from the kid, but he lived half way back up the Parkway. After getting misdirected by a gay Arab at a gas station we found the house. We went up to his room, and he pulled a box with 2 8ths and told R to take his pick. I asked the kid if he was willing to sell both, and bought the 2nd one. They were kind enough to share a J with us before we left, but didn’t have any more for sale. They came with us to the Liquor store followed us back to R’s. When we got there our friends ran up to us like hungry Ethiopians at a Red Cross food Giveaway. I split my 8th with C who gave half of his share to his girlfriend D. R split his with this girl, Ms and B’s girlfriend C. While they were all busy dividing up their shares, I carefully snuck outside and rolled a Joint sized Blunt using the remainder of the Hawaiian. I then went back into the house, got R, his roommate Ma, and the 2 kids that looked out for me earlier. It took about 10 minutes to smoke the blunt, and we were all considerably wrecked. I went back inside and poured myself a glass of Iced Tea with Citron and sat down. I learned that Ms was in the bathroom throwing up, and that was the last thing I remember hearing sober. I felt weird, my whole body was tingling, (similar to the feeling when your foot falls asleep.) and I announced it to the room. I got up and walked into the kitchen; to make sure I could still move. On the way out, I heard someone say something about “Barfing” so I ran out of the kitchen pretending to make throwup noises. Ms (who I did not see standing in front of me) asked me if I was making fun of her, and though I meant to lie to make her feel more comfortable, I told her Yes and made a puke noise in her face.
After doing this, I realized that I could not be around people. I had to go outside on some kind of journey, so I left. I must have gone in and out of the house 20 times until I had everything, which was nothing. I walked about ½ mile to the Bay, which was by no means easy. As I was walking, it felt as if there was some sort of energy slamming into my head, jiggling around for a little while, and then floating away gracefully. I made it to the end of the road, to a covered area with about 3 or 4 park benches next to the bay. I looked to my right, and saw bright search lights in the sky. My first instinct was to follow them, but then I realized I wasn’t Batman. I decided to sit on the bench and watch them for a while. Though my eyes remained focused on the searchlights, I started hearing things around me. One noise (which I later figured out to be the street light) sounded like a bug buzzing in my ear. I imagined that there was a giant locust hovering above the covered area in which I was sitting. I began to get paranoid that the giant locust would eat me if I left the safety of the covered area. I then began to hear voices, but I couldn’t see anything; so I thought there was someone in the water. I realized that I was getting too paranoid for my own good, so I closed my eyes to relax. That’s when I saw it, the definitive moment in my trip. I must have been about 2 inches tall and I was shaking hands with a giant red lollipop. All I could do was giggle to myself, and say “Holy shit, I’m turning into Homer Simpson." My focus then shifted back to voices in the distance, but now they were closer, I opened my eyes to see B & C walking towards me. B was drunk & C was trippin. I sat and talked with them for a few minutes before my mind told me it was time for my next adventure. After some slight confusion as to which way I was going, I began to walk up the coastline. A short walk up the road, I saw a pier with what appeared to be a bunch of Mexicans, and they were crabbing. Something inside of me kept telling me to talk to them, but I couldn’t stop giggling. I kept seeing the picture of me shaking hands with the lollipop, and it was changing. Every time I saw the lollipop, it had a different feature. (Eyes, nose, mouth, gloves, shoes) I decided against talking to them, and crossed the street. To my surprise, I found a red brick walkway, which fascinated me. Suddenly the brick path blended into the whole lollipop scene, which kept replaying itself in my head. I decided to return to the covered area to regroup my thoughts. On the way back, I walked past a storm drain. The bay water splashing inside made it seem like there was some sort of creature trying to climb out. I ran back to the covered area and told B & C what happened. They checked it out, B reassured me that everything was ok, and they left. I relaxed on the bench until I heard voices again. It sounded like my friends, but I couldn’t see them. I figured it was just my imagination, until the voices got closer .I noticed my friends walking towards me, and suddenly I felt like a fugitive trying not to get caught. So with nothing more than a giggle, I ran off down the street. I watched them from afar as they split into groups to search for me, so I ran down onto the beach. At first I lost my footing, and I didn’t know what I was walking on. I felt like I was walking on top of a massive pile of dog shit; until I finally reached down and felt the sand. By this time, I could hear C & Ma calling me, and I soon focused my eyes on the 2 of them walking down the street. They still had no clue where I was until I started laughing uncontrollably.
They followed the laughter and eventually found me. Almost simultaneously, we all looked up and saw it. It was like a brand new discovery, a playground right in the middle of the beach. I was still unsure if I wanted to return to civilization and be around people, but I wound up being sucked into the magic of this playground, and could not leave. I then climbed to the top of the monkey bars, where I was sure no one could reach me. While on top of the bars, I began to ponder the significance of my journey, and why it led us all here, but I never had the chance to finish my thought because everyone started leaving. R & Ma stayed behind and waited for me to climb down from the monkey bars. Of course, no longer than 30 seconds after my feet touched the ground, a police car pulled up. The 3 of us stumbled up to the car. (Sand provides a good excuse for stumbling) He merely told us that someone didn’t like us on the beach. To me he sounded like an old man in a horror film warning us of imminent danger if we did not leave the beach immediately. The cop was a very sobering experience, thus began my trip’s decline.
We made it back to the house, where everyone was watching the Teletubbies. That held my interest for a minute or two, and then I went to sleep. The next morning I felt good besides the pain in my back from slamming it into the monkey bars while I was climbing down.

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