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The best night of my life

The night started off with my friend paul and I sitting in his room wondering what to do with our night.

The night started off with my friend paul and I sitting in his room wondering what to do with our night. it was 11 o clock and we were bored. Paul suggested we pop in the mushrooms he'd been saving up and of course I was more than willing to comply. We each ate about 2 grams of dried shroom, this was my third time eating mushrooms and I was wondering if 2 grams would be enough to get me going. So we waited...after about 20 minutes Paul said "These are going to work man"..I was skeptical though because it appeared as though Paul had gotten more shroom than me..I didn't care though I was just happy he would share with me. So I waited some more, after 40 minutes we decided to turn on Pauls black light and listen to a mix cd we made of tripping music. As we layed there it became very apparent to both of us that we were in for some fun. I began to see swirling patterns on the ceiling and walls it was mesmorizing. The ceiling looked as though it was moving like waves in the ocean. Paul and I both began to laugh hysterically...we couldn't stop..both of us were having the time of our lives. It was now about 1 in the morning and it was time to venture outside. We headed to my car and smoked a couple bowls of reefer. After we finished all of our bud we decided we wanted to TP someone..so we drove to Giant Eagle to buy toilet paper. Unfortuneatly when we got there we saw a cop sitting outside of the store. We knew we couldn't be seen buying toilet paper at 130 in the morning so we drove on to try and find some ciggarettes. As I drove down the open road starring out into the purple sky so many thoughts raced through my mind..I wanted to thank the shroom gods for what they had given Paul and I. Suddenly an arm made of branches from the tree swept across the road "Holy shit" I thought to myself..I drove on..We were Riders On the Storm. We weren't ready to go home yet so we found a local bar called the "Beer Haus" that was still open..even though we were both underage we decided to go in and shoot some pool. While we were playing pool An amazing feeling came over me.. I began to realize exactly who I was as a person..at this moment I loved everything about my life.. I was so thankful for what I was experiencing..It's almost to difficult to put into words but for anyone who's ever tripped you know what I'm talking about. It was 3 in the morning. We decided to head home. We sat in my car and sipped a couple beers before heading in, I began to look out my windsheild and I noticed the trees were melting into each other.. the branches were grabbing onto each other and forming new ones. I looked over at Paul it was obvious he was having a great time to..We both began to crack up again..this was so much fun I didn't want the night to end. We went back in his house and put on our tripping mix..Boris the Spider by the Who came on..We had been listening to this song all day long and as we were tripping very hard we both started to laugh uncontrolably again..Neither of us had ever laughed so much in our lives..We layed in Pauls room listening to music both in awe of what was happening around us..the blanket i was using had baseballs on it and in the blacklight the balls began to almost dance off the blanket I was soo amazed..I couldn't belive I was having such an amazing trip from what I took...We layed there awake till about 5 in the morning Then we both thanked each other for being apart of our amazing night. It truly was an incredible experience I'll never forget...I realized so much about life that night. Shrooming is pure magic, It's something that if you can realize its impact on you, you'll be changed forever

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