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The best man made trip!

So there, I was, arriving at my friend Spences house, after a busy night at work (im a barmanager).

So there, I was, arriving at my friend Spences house, after a busy night at work (im a barmanager). There was a full party in swing, and I had shrooms on the 2nd of a 3 storey house, just waiting to be consumed... the prospect scared and excited me! It was the first time trying 'shrooms..

Grabbed a beer from the kitchen, after a couple at work, post last-orders - so I was mildly drunk, all good. Got to the kitchen with my shrooms, simply nailed and munched them as fast as I could - I had heard they tasteed like ass, so it was preferable to get rid of them ASAP! After nailing them, I dragged myself upstairs where several bongs were being passed round, and many spliffs - there must have been 15+ people sitting round smoking weed - excellent! Anyhow, I settled myself next to my friend Jono, who was also trying to prepare himself for shrooms... and boy did we know when it hit!

The first sensation was that the curtains (bright red, against bright green walls) were shimmering in the distance, like there was heat beneath them. I though this was pretty cool, and started to look round... haha, big mistake! the walls were shifting like melting wax, slowly, but surely each turn of my head - like being drunk, but more natural. The carpet rippled, and the music resounded in my head like a gentle pulse, lulling me into a gentle state of mind - a kind, sharing, open state of mind.

If anybody was to ask me for a cigarette, or whos bong it was (it was my £20 being stacked into the pipe) I simply smiled, and uttered something like "I dunno man, wboever, who cares about fucking weed and who's it is.. we're all here to have fun!" Haha, I was tripping out bad (in a good way). The film on television (god knows what it was) was distorting, faces warping and melting, the carpet was a rippling kaleidoscope pattern, I was spouting selfless speeches about the fact it didn't matter whose bong it was (maybve i'm a communist..) and generally loving it!

Around the peak of the trip, I ventured back down to the kitchen to see if there was a party progressing - indeed there was. It was far from the party I wanted to experience, especially after the stairs which kept on growing and growing.. on and on they went. I went into the kitchen to be greeted by heavy elektronika music (VNV Nation, Mirwais and so forth).. and drunk people hitting cans with brushes. On seeing and experiencing this for a short while, I decided it scared me, so I ran back upstairs, back to the safety of red curtains and lime green walls...

After that, it seemed to be a massive stoner high - zoning out to music, talking to anybody else who was tripping about their trip, and other philosophicals.. It eventually culminated in me lying watching Return to Castle Wolfenstein being played out on the PS2 (which was fascinating for me), and falling to sleep around 9am - the mushrooms had been consumed about 1:30am..

All in all an excellent first trip, and a good sign for the future trips I was going to have. I would recommend mushrooms as a peaceful extension to their drug usage and their mind. Unmissable!

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