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The Beach

Last summer, two friends and I planned a camping trip to Lake Michigan.

Last summer, two friends and I planned a camping trip to Lake Michigan. We brought along only the essentials- four fifths of various hard liquors and a quarter sack of shrooms, homegrown of course. After setting up camp and getting drunk the first night, we planned on tripping the next day while at the beach. It ended up being only two of us that actually did the shrooms. It was my friend's first trip on shrooms, but he had done acid several times before. I was just getting into shrooms myself, but I had done them and acid several times before. We woke up around 11 am and Sal put his half of the shrooms on a hotdog, while I mixed mine into a Bacardi & Squirt and drank it down. Within a half hour, I was feeling the shrooms and it wasn't pleasant. I was extremely lightheaded and nauseous. I just wanted to puke and get it over with, but it wouldn't come out. After walking around a bit, I puked up my shrooms and my breakfast. I felt bad that I was holding up our trip to the beach, but the thought quickly passed as the shrooms really took off. I sat and stared at the ground, which looked like a portal into another universe as it swirled around. We piled into the car and headed for the beach. Before we hit the beach, we hit burger king because my non-tripping friend, Jack, was hungry. Sal and I went in and sat down in the extremely crowded restaurant. It was difficult to handle the huge crowd, but I was just glad I wasn't as shroomified as my friend. He was obviously overstimulated. He was mumbling some non-sensical shit about lizards. I just sat and stared at the weird patterns that swirled on the wall. It seemed like we were in that god-forsaken restaurant for hours. Jack finally sat down with us and ate his food, while Sal and I were off in our own world. We got out of there not a moment too soon. It was becoming too much for me. The drive to the beach took about twenty minutes from where we were. When we arrived, there were absolutely NO other people there. It was the perfect place to trip. We rolled down to the beach as I admired all the greenery that surrounded us. The bushes, trees, and sand really looked interesting. We got down to the water and found that it was cold enough to freeze one's balls off. We went in anyway and I found that I didn't even notice the cold once I got in. We swam for about two hours, then rolled in. I just stood on the beach, reflecting on the trip, which was slowly coming to an end. It was great. We went for a walk in the dunes, which are pretty fucking awesome at the park we were at. We piled into the car, feeling comfortably mellow, and rolled back to the campsite while listening to some Sublime. We had a nice night of drinking and just chilling out. We drove home the next day.

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