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cactus coercion?

Had me some shrooms left over from a party.

Had me some shrooms left over from a party. A gram or so
methinks, maybe less. Outside it was a sunny Saturday
afternoon. I'd slept in 'til almost noon and had nothing on
my plate for the day. I live by myself in a cosy
apartment... with lots of houseplants...

It was while cooking up a veggie omlette that the thought of
a liesurely Saturday trip seemed very appealing. It was
funny in retrospect how, just before I was about to flip the
omlette, I reached up into the cupboard and stuffed the
remaining dry little bits of shroom into my mouth. Then I
flipped the omlette and thought about what I'd just done.
There wasn't much, so I knew it would be a pretty light
trip, but I did feel slightly nervous as I'd only tripped
twice before and this was the first time alone.

They hit pretty quick, in the middle of eating my omlette in
fact. Suddenly parts of the eggy concoction started looking
at me funny, so I pushed it aside and leaned back on the
couch. I had some Dead Can Dance playing on the stereo, and
the sun was by this time beaming right in my big front
window and warming my legs. As my perception filters
relaxed, the sunlight felt like a glorius caress on my body.
I rushed up, over, across, and through into a dreamy shroom

Though it wasn't much, I was surprised by the intensity of
the trip. Light was relfecting off the floor and splashing
on the wall, rippled slightly by the heat. Soon enough,
evoked by the music, aztec patterns emerged in the shadows
and wavering dreamily. I turned my attention to my
grandfather's old clock, its pendulum swinging back and
forth. The shape of the clock was sort of bird-like, and it
seemed as though the pendulum was keeping the whole thing
pinned to the wall, as if prevented from suddenly flying
away by the passage of time.

I had a wonderful body-high, so I stretched out more and let
my head fall back. After a while of blissing out, I felt
and odd sensation. It was as if some force was pulling my
head to the left. I experimented with it, and found that it
was not a conscious movement at all (I tried sitting in the
same position later while sober, and there was no pulling of
any kind). I figured there was some reason for it, so I
finally just let my head turn. Plunk! My eyes landed
square on a majestic cactus I've had for years, which sat at
the end of the sofa. She used to be kinda scrawny, but
having been repotted and spending a couple of summers
outside, she'd filled out into a prickly force to be
reckoned with. Amused, I slid down to the end of the sofa
and I think I may actually have said "hi, what can I do for
you?". I didn't expect an answer, but suddenly it seemed
really dark and I felt acutely cold. I'd moved out of the
sun... that end of the sofa didn't get any sun. Maybe it
was just me tripping out on shrooms, but it seemed to me
then and it seems to me now that it was an extremely clear
message from my cactus. MOVE ME INTO THE SUN YOU IDIOT.
I'M A CACTUS FOR GOD'S SAKE. Oh my god! How could I have
been so thoughtless as to put a cactus so far from the

Without delay, I hauled the cactus, which weighed a good 50
lbs with the pot, over into a bright patch of sun. I sat
there completely fascinated by her waxy green body and her
spiky arms. I felt like I'd live with someone for years but
never really "noticed" them. I put my head as close as I
could, as if nestled like a bird in her branches. I had the
impression she was vastly old and wise, and I felt very
humbled. I'm not sure how long I sat admiring my cactus,
quite a while perhaps. Eventually I lay back on the floor
and sank into bliss. Birds were chirping outside in the
many big oaks around my building. I imagined I was laying
on the forest floor, which wasn't hard. Now I'm dying to
trip in the woods.

Later as the trip faded, I grabbed an orange from the fridge
and cut it into eight segments. I found myself treating
this like a sacred ritual which I performed methodically and
with utmost care. In the middle of the ritual, my friend
Pete called. I was a bit self-conscious, afraid of what
he'd think if he knew that I was on "drugs". I explained my
elaborate orange-eating ritual without arousing much
suspicion, but I can't for the life of me remember what else
we talked about.

I also discovered the trippy mirror effect when I went into
the bathroom. I found my own image bizarre and interesting,
my skin looked palid and my eyes were black. I felt like I
was seeing parts of my personality that I didn't quite
recognize as belonging to me. I had the impression of
seeing past-life personalities, parts of which live on in me
now. There was a particularly arrogant and cruel
personality that Iived in the 1800's I think. He laughed at
me and I had to laugh back. If I'd been peaking when I
looked in the mirror, I don't know what would have happened.
I guess it would have made for an intensely introspective

Anyway, I have new respect for houseplants, and I feel bad
now if I don't look after them. Be good to y

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