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the amazing lava lamq

I finally got lucky and got ahold of some shrooms.

I finally got lucky and got ahold of some shrooms. I bought an eigth, this was my first trip on shrooms in almost a year. I ate 2 grams at 10:45pm by just chewing them untill i couldnt handle the taste anymore. At 11:45pm i was feeling a little light and muscles were getting tense. At 12:45am i was starting to feel drunk and my body was numb,but i was wide awake.

I decided to kick the trip up a notch, so i went outside and smoked a fat blunt. This started my trip. When i stood up i felt really heavy and my feet felt like the were melting into the ground. The sky looked amazing, all the stars were incredibly bright, they were also moving and flashing. I started to stare at the trees and they looked like green cotton balls.

After walking around a little bit i went up into my room and decided to eat my last 1.5 grams. This was around 2:00am. My lava lamp was on and all my lights were out. I laid back on my bed and listened to some music. At this time i was starting to see patterns on the ceiling and the walls. My carped looked incredible, it looked like there was a blacklight shining on it. Some of the carpet strands were glowing and the whole carpet was flowing.

At around 3:30am i started to trip really hard, my lava lamp looked like it was made of millions of flowing molecules. These molecules shot off and thats when i thought i was in space. I felt like i was floating in another realm and there was molecules glowing all around me. After i came back to reality my walls started to bubble up and they were rippling. I was on the floor laying on my back when i saw the walls rippling. Then soon after my body felt like quicksand and i was melting into the floor. Everything i touched i started melting into it.

I got a mirror and looked at my face, my skin was stretching and sliding off my face. My pupils seemed to change size continuosly. I stared into my pupils and i could see my soul. I looked again at my pupils and they looked like the doorway to hell. My skin started to melt off my hands and all i could see were my bones, but i quickly snapped out of this and stared at my lava lamp again. It still looked like it was made of millions of flowing molecules. And the lave just seemed to spin and morph into shapes. At this time i was starting to come down. So i just laid back on my bed with music and let the good times roll. I was tripping untill about 6:00am and finally got some needed sleep. The trip was amazing and very memorable, and i had alot of fun. I cant wait to trip again on shrooms.

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