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The Amazing Dr Suess

The first time I decided to trip shrooms was just this past Tuesday night.

The first time I decided to trip shrooms was just this past Tuesday night. I have never tried them before and had been looking in the market but they just weren't around. It all started with mowing the lawn and I just didn't want to do it so I went to my uncle's house so he could get the mower. We brought it back to his house and he mowed his lawn while I vacumed his living room floor. The whole time I was mentioning that shrooms were in town and that's when he said he got offered some for free. When you get an offer like that...YOU JUST DON'T REFUSE. Well, before we left for town that night we decided to take 2 zanax and cooked us a couple of burgers. We decided to leave for town after we ate so we popped another zanax and hit the road. We went to find our dealer and hit the sack. Both of us split the bag between us, leaving us approximately 5 heads a piece. After eating them I washed it down with beer and headed toward the bar. I dropped my uncle off and headed home. That night I was on the phone laying on my bunk beds and all the sudden my bed turned into a cave. While on the phone somehow the subject just kept changing and I was talking about shit so off the wall I don't even remember. Well, on top of my stereo I have this three foot Dr. Suess stuffed animal just sitting there. While talking on the phone it just happened to catch my eye and he was just walking toward me. I could catch a grip of my eyesight and see that it was just sitting there but every few minutes it would come after me. The thing is, is I was laying in a cave and Dr. Suess was coming at me while I was on the phone. I kept calling friends and acting like other people and my walls were just fucking awesome. I love scooby doo and my whole room is scooby doo....all the sudden scooby was running back and forth from poster to poster across the wall. What a trip. I stayed up that night until three a.m. just laughing by myself not know ing about what. Later that night I just went up stairs, got me a handful of oreo's, and a glass of milk and headed back down. I just decided to see if my eyes were comatoast so I looked in the mirror...well instead of my eyes being bloodshot...THEY WERE FUCKING PURPLE MAN. Talk about some fuck ed up shit. So, I layed back down ate my oreo's and went to bed. The next morning all my friends called me before school and asked me what the fuck was wrong with me. The said I was saying shit that I was at school sleeping on the bleachers, then talking to the rain, and some other crazy ass bull shit. This is a trip I'll never forget!


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