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The Almighty Force

Stropharia Cubensis Magic Mushrooms Trip Report.

Stropharia Cubensis Magic Mushrooms Trip Report.

I entered the Psilocybin realm with a lot more respect than I had with past experiences. Having been let down by a friend delaying the proceedings considerably, home alone I downed my murky, mud-like concoction and commenced a bout of DJ-ing. I thought by allowing myself to get immersed in my music I would get further and further lost in the soundscapes I was creating.
It didn’t take long for the effects to start taking hold. I decided to abandon the mixing (it became far too much effort!) and lay upon my bed and took a meditative approach to what was very soon about to reveal itself.
I lay bolt upright, eyes focused on the ceiling. The first thing that struck me was the tiny speckled effect that covered the ceiling (This design is iridescent for a property of this value, or lack of!) they soon became a major focus point as they slowly transformed into tiny raindrops attached to my ceiling, I wondered if they would drop down on my head. I scoped across to the only other object visible with my line of vision which was my bamboo wind-chime, which, as I stared at it, each piece of bamboo began to elongate towards me.
I was starting to feel more and more confident that this was about to materialize as the strongest mushroom experience I had encountered thus far.
I sat upright on my bed to allow myself to view more than a ceiling and a bamboo wind-chime, it was a pleasure to behold! My eyesight was immensely fuzzy, which I first assumed was a battle with ‘Purple haze’ , but it soon gave way to ‘super-sharp’ vision, everything was beautifully crystal clear to the eye, I was aware prior to the trip that psilocybin had a strengthening effect on ones eyesight, but had never experienced it as strong as this!
I gazed at everything in my room with amazement, but was especially focused on my stereo system, computer and my decks. I thought ‘These items look really space-age?!’ they had a refined look about them as if they were made by something from outer space (Of course this isn’t true, but, my eyesight gave things a fresh appearance).
I put some more music on and sat more relaxed on my bed, I closed my eyes and let the music carry me away, I decided these mushrooms were strong enough to induce some ‘Third-eye action!’ and so positioned myself and prepared myself with that thought in mind.
After around a minute I had my first flash of imagery, it came bouncing into vision and revealed itself as a religious figure of some sort, (it was an image I felt I was familiar with but couldn’t put my finger on it) his palm were attached in a praying gesture. I felt as though I was being beckoned by this character, he wanted recognition that I desired to go further or follow him, I think I got the message across that I did.
Beyond the acceptance that I desired to go further followed a flood of visions, the first being a flash of an ancient Hindu figure, it looked like an Indian religious figure (Again it felt like it was a familiar image). What followed felt very profound.
I was beneath a force-field containing Earth and beneath was a hand which was holding and supporting Earth, the planet was spinning and the entire scene was a deep blue. I began to rise from underneath the scene and got a clearer look, I got closer and closer and was then at once propelled through the force-field and shot to ‘god knows’ where’ through a passage where I followed a big bright ball. Once I hard reached the end of the passage I was visualizing machinery and the manufacture of some sort of product, it took a while to recognize the item being produced but it resembled leaves being bundled together and then tied (Like a Shaman’s smudge).
The visions then subsided a little apart from the odd chasing after those damn bright balls through passages, except this time I was using my head to direct myself through the passages and follow the ball.
I spent the remainder of the trip entranced within whatever music I had playing, I danced, I swayed, it was very much like I was participating in a ceremony (which of course I was) with music, dance and meditation. This is very much what I wanted to achieve, coming to the conclusion based on past experiences that set and setting are essential to the outcome of the experience.
I have meditated on my visions again recently and feel quite refreshed by my experience.
I often have feelings of their being an almighty One or God while on mushrooms, and the vision with the earth being held by the hand was demonstration of that. Was it a representation of The God or was it a suggestion that the hand was my own and that I form a section of the energy force required to keep the earth spinning? There were strong religious connotations throughout the trip, and me, not being a particularly religious person, am open minded by what I have seen, but what I have learnt from my visions is that there is an almighty force, be it a God or an Energy that we are all apart of.

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