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The Allmind

Well, this WAS amazing.

Well, this WAS amazing. About 4 of my friends and I decided to "get happy" and we consumed an unrecallable amount of good, dried shrooms.

After about 20 minutes I started feeling sick to my stomach, and since nothing was happening, I smoked a bowl and felt so much better. (If all those anal, anti-marijuana weenies in high places would realize how cannibus eased a queasy stomach, they would legalize it in a minute) After that it hit me- WHAM - full force.

Things were usual, (this was not my first experience) the colors, the walls breathing, noticable texture in EVERYTHING, etc.

What made this experience so unique was what I heard someone call the All-Mind. You sit and think, and ponder, and analyze, and realize the world at hand. Even those who are Agnostic or Atheist come to believe in God at this point. And it was when we were all talking about how we were feeling that I came to realize, there is a God. No, no, stay with me. I felt that I was god. That if this being did exist, that I was inherently a part of it.

I came to realize that all things were a part of each other. That we are all part of one larger spirit. That there is one enormous thing that there can only be one, very esoteric name for-- the All mind.

So that was my trip. And it was when I was coming down that I realized that we need to take what we've learned- about love, spirit, confidence, people, and life in it's entirity, and apply that to our sober, realistic lives.

But then again, I could have been hallucinating...

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