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The Alice In Wonderland House

Three of my buddies and me split a half ounce, An 8th a piece if you do the math.

Three of my buddies and me split a half ounce, An 8th a piece if you do the math. We ate them around 11:30pm. We drove around and smoked a couple of blunts until everyone was ready to go back and start enjoying their trip. The come-up of the trip took a little bit longer than I had remembered in my earlier trips taking about an hour before I felt the tingly feeling in my legs and more colors started to appear. This had to be the oddest trip ever because for some reason we never put any music on the whole time. We basically geeked out over the two guys who had never tried them before because of course they were experiencing a harder trip than me and my other friend. Now in this guys house the ceiling is very low and he has lots of very small chairs in his house for some reason. When we finally began to start peaking I was feeling pretty damn good. I went outside for about 30 minutes to check out the trees because they always look crazy and hell. After enjoying the outside I found my way back into his house. When I sat down on the couch I realized how small everything was beginning to look. The people who I was with looked like they were 3 feet tall walking around and the ceiling started to come down toward us making everything look even smaller. I kind of started to trip out thinking the house would get so small we would get stuck but I soon reasoned with myself and knew that wouldn't happen. The two that had never taken mushrooms before were tripping out pretty hard at this point, saying things that didn't even make any sense and just twitching around. One guy layed in the floor for a while and didn't say anything. I went into the bathroom of the house which is like a hallway and it made me start thinking about the shrinking house again. Then I started to think of myself as Alice where she shrinks after eating that food. Then every room I went into after that reminded me of some part of the Wonderland story. It really started to trip me out. By now it was storming really bad and I didn't much want to go outside. I was enjoying this trip though because this was the first time I hadn't spent like an hour or two just pondering my life and the universe. Colors of the whole house were super bright looking. The next hour was just pure laughing until we all started to come down. It was so much fun I wanted to take some more but I resisted myself and went home and went to sleep around 6am.

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