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That's a trip

This was only my second time to trip.

This was only my second time to trip. I was at a football game and had one cap, and three stems (about 2 inches long, 3\\8 in thick) I took em all at the kickoff. By the 2nd quarter i was cold as hell, so i went o buy some coffee. It was approx. -5 windchill. But as im walkin back to my group of freinds in the student section, i look down. My hands have been shaking so bad, that the coffe has covered my entire arm and i only have half a cup left. I cant feel the cold or the hot coffee. I get back into the student section and my freind looks over at me and says "OMG! YOU HAVE NO COLOR IN YOUR EYES" At this point all my stoner freinds come over and are amazed. We leave the student section and head over to this field where people gather during games and just chill, we walked up to a group of girls in our grade, and we're just talkin. Pretty soon im on the ground and have no clue whats goin on around me, people are spiinin, im laughin my ass off, and its great. I finally get up with the help of some freinds and.... i just seem to cease to exist. i woke up at the beginning of the 4th quarter, still trippin off my ass and still just standin in the same place. Well me and some freinds go to this Bar/Grill place and its happy hour that night. It kicked ass. I spent the nite with a freind and on the way home just kept talkin about how slow we were gon and to hurry up, then i looked at the speedometer and we were goin 60, at this point i was startin to come down. We got to his house and i drank a pint of Jack Daniels, then my friend drank a half a pint of vodka, and a pint of Captain Morgans. He didnt remember though, that he had taken 2 adderoll earlier that day. He broke so much shit that night, but we had a blast. Now, all my dealers have mysteriously "disapeared" and i cant get ahold of ne of them, so im lookin for a new one to hook me up with smore, if i find one, ill let yall know how it went. Peace

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