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That was it??!!

I would first like to say that I don't know how to rate one's experience on shrooms.

I would first like to say that I don't know how to rate one's experience on shrooms. I definitely know I didn't reach Level 5 where I could not hang anymore, but being a first timer, I didn't really know how much I really ate....I believe very close to a half 1/8.
So its on a thursday night, and my two friends and I get some shrooms, about an ounce or so. We decide to do them because Jon and I have never done them, and Brian had done them before and agreed to do them (it was his house). WE knew we had school the next morning but we didn't really stress about that at all, especially since we are graduating soon. So we ate some caps and stems with a P&B nad Jelly sandwich along with some OJ. We all anticipated it to hit us, waiting for awhile. We kept on trying to trip ourselves out but nothing was really happening. I remember starting to feel dizzy and having a little head-change before the shrooms actually hit me. We also ate some chronic-brownies with them and hoped it would enhance our trips. One thing starting to lead to another and it started to get really wierd. Brian kept on trying to manipulate the whole scene, trying to force things when they werent there. That is what I realized about shrooms is everyone has their own experience and trip, no one should and could dictate how things go. With Brian talking about his experience or trying to do something to trip us all out wasn't necessarily a buzz kill, but it messed with me and Jon's trip. I can't really remember what happened next.....but Jon and Brian were playing a wierd ass game that totally fucked with my whole trip. They started trying to trip all of us out as if it was a game. That bothered my a lot, but it just made me trip harder by myself, as if I wanted to go out by myself and explore. But that was impossible because we had to stay in his room the whole night which was another bad idea. Soon Brian starting feeling left out from things Jon and I did and everything started getting messed up from there. Jon and I wanted to go have some fun, do something there such as go outside and walk around. But Brian didn't want us to afraid his parents would wake up and he kept feeling left out. This caused him to go literally insane and he couldn't talk with us anymore. Before this scene, everytime we all would try to talk and everything would get really confusing. It was as if all three of us could not communicate to each other.
Anyways, with Brian baking pretty hard, he stopped talking to us and everything went downhill from there. He decided to try and sleep and Jon and I had nothing to do so we decided to sleep too, since the scene was so boring. Trying to sleep is so crazy. I kept thinking about all this crazy shit, how one thing leads to another and how everything works out in life. Another thing is my hearing was really messed up, sometimes noises seemed to be really loud and sometimes they seemed to be really quiet. Anyways, I kept on trying to fall alsleep but it was impossible! Its as if I was experiencing a dream i could not wake up from. I walked around the room, knocking everything over, trying to get as comfortable as possible. It was impossible to so I brought all of us back together. When we came back it was around 3-4am and Brian started talking a little, saying he is so afraid of everything that he was trying to "escape" while he tried to sleep. He went back to bed, I dont know why....and jon and I stayed awake talking about nothing. Everytime we would try to bring something up it would end up in a very confusing way. The rest of the night consisted of talking and me pulling off an all-nighter. I did not expect this kind of trip and it was a crazy experience, but one I can learn from.
I have some tip for people thinking about doing it for the first time. make sure u are in the right circumstances. Make sure parents are not home and that you will not be enclosed in an area the whole time or else you will be able to make the most of it. Also, make sure you know who to do it with. I did it with my 2 pretty good friends, but it was so strange. My relationship with Brian consists of having intellectual talks about life and the future..but we were able to do none of that that night. My relationship wiht jon consisted of us two being potheads and having fun and screwing around. We were not able to do none of that because we couldnt leave the room and everytime we were kind of loud Brian would tell us to keep it quiet. So there were so many things that went into the night that screwed things up. I actually regret the whole night, I didnt get any sleep and I am tired as hell right now. All three of us had the intention of having shrooms bring us closer together, but it was actually the opposite, it didnt exactly tear us apart but I dont think we can bond through this experience as much as we'd like to. I think I learned a lot from that night. If I had the chance to, I dont think I would do shrooms again, it was a one time thing and now I know what it is like.

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