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Thankyou London...thankyou Floyd.

The six.

The six. Thats what we call ourseolves. Not a gang or anything retarded like that, just somthing to remind us who we are and what we mena to each other. Theres the guitarist, and the skater, the drummer that bassist and the skater, the stencil technition and me. Were not crazy rebels like so man our age, but were willing to give anythnig a try once. Well, almost anything. On one of our regular trips to London we noticed a sign we'd never seen before. It read..."magic mushrooms!"...Hmm, wern't magic mushrooms what die hard hippies use to make themselves forget that the world is fucked no matter how long they run around naked and call themselves "daisy chain"...and "Moon beam"...lol...but we thought..fuck it, GCSEs are a whole week away!

So we scraped together a healthy ammount and bought just enough for the lot of us. Remaining consistant with our teenage rebelion...we went all out and bought the cheapest weakest shrooms going...lol. Ah well, we didn't know what we were doing, and we were wanting to be ollieing into no deep end!

So we shared out what we could afford and returned back to the guitarists house...and waitied. Man, Iv'e never been more emotionally effected by any piece of music, and never thought about anything so much. My very views and opinions have never been so alterd in one night. Iv'e never dreamed of being in such a place, but all I know is, listening to Darkside of the Moon, surrounded by guitars and shrooms, with your best mates...is what I can only really call life changing. Thankyou London, and thankyou Pink Floyd...you own my soul!

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