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Thanksgiving Day

I thought it was going to be a terrible holiday.

I thought it was going to be a terrible holiday.
I got up earlier then I would have liked
had to go to my moms
the day was planned to be with my moms family.
It was suposed to be quite boring.
But I got to my moms and went into my room and looked in the hiding spot on top of my bookshelf for my bowl
There was a full pint jar compleatly colonized and loaded with pins and totaly forgotten about.
It was beautifull.
So I opened it at around 1:00 picked all the pretty pins and cased the cake in an empty butter container.
At 2:30 I made magic tea
Consumed liquid and solid matter at 3:00 And was begining to trip by the time we started the long drive (about a miles distance) to my grandmothers house.
On the insane ride there I had thoughts about the house I was about to trip in. A little over a year ago it was my friends house. I spent many psychadelic nights there.
Permagrim began to set in when we reached our destined road, riding in the car felt weird. Everything looked like it was moving by both slow and fast at the same time.
Every now and then the snow would take on a deep purple color until a blinked.

By the time i took off my coat and shoes I had a hard time walking without a dance to my step, and talking was getting difficult so i immeadiatly went into the livingroom and laid on the couch.
I was grinning like a mad man and laughing a whole lot while watching the textures on the carpet undulate in sync with the beat of my cousins head phones.
I figured I was being to obvious at that point so I danced my way outside.
Everything was so amazing, the colors and the cold air and, well, everything.
I honored the beauty around me with a bowl of some decent bud and went back inside to let warmth reclaim the parts of my body that cold had settled in then went back to my couch and got lost within myself and my thoughts that were racing through my head at millions of miles a second.
A near eternity passed before dinner. One of the most peacefull etertinities I have ever experienced.
The food was exquisite in both taste and texture, the water i drank was the best water ever, the glass it was served in was so clear and cool and smooth i couldnt help but run its surface beneath my hands throughout the meal.
The only problems I had with the trip that could have possably given me away were the fits of giggles I had to control every now and then, and the expression of wonder on my face when ever I looked at somthing.
You can always tell by the way my eyes look even if you cant see my pupils.
It was great, up until the point where my eccentric uncle mike got pissed off because i was staring at him, he flipped out and got almost violently angry wich upset my mom and grandma. It almost set me off into a bad trip because the particulare incident happened at the peak and he had a look of murder in his eyes.
Luckily this happened after we were all finished eating so I could go into the bathroom and calm myself down.
The bathroom was quiet but it carried an omnipotent undertone of somthing deep and vile
My thoughts became morbid and my reflection, wich was warping and twisting but oddly not moving at all, began to look ugly and hatefull.
I was scared and close to tears at that point, I was afraid of many things my psilocybin induced brain made up and of losing control in front of my family.
I rushed out of the house with no coat or shoes.
The cold was very meditative and helped me from spazing out enough so I could think semi straight. I came to the conclusion that there wasnt anything to be afraid of so a smoked a bowl in the barn and went back to my couch.
The wonder and beauty returned to everything once again, and I was able to close my eyes and think amazing things I would never remember until we left for my moms boyfriends house some 30 minutes away.
That ride was a little less amazing because by then I was tired of the trip, which was deminishing anyway.
The rest of the night was nothing more then potsmoke, dessert and reflection of the things I had just experienced.

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