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Teton Base camp

One of my fondest memories was triping in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

One of my fondest memories was triping in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. I had bought some shrooms from a guy i worked with, he had traveled all the way to denver to go get them. There were 3 of us and I had more than enough for everyone to trip. When we arrived at the camp site we all right away ate our shrooms. We each had about 3 caps and some nice big bluish stems. We ate them straight which is a taste that no shroom eater will ever forget im sure. After that we set up our tent and started a fire before the effects kicked in. Good thing it didnt take us very long to do because no more than 5 minutes after we all sat around the fire (about 25 minutes from when we got there) they started to take effect. We had all had light meals that day and worked a full day in no time though we were sitting around and laughing at jokes a having a hell of a time. This is the point where minutes started to to turn into hours. I had a beer and it seemed like it took me 10 hours to even drink half of it. Later layed out in a field and watched shooting stars, it seemed that the stars were multicolored and took forever to fly across the sky. When i closed my eyes i remember seeing swirling circles, the kind that you would see on a black light poster. I was laying on a log and when i looked in the cracks it seemed like the wood was growing or moving with the same type of circles.
After a little bit we decided to eat some more shrooms and i had about 2 stems and caps, after i had this i didnt feel too well and i started to puke, after i puked i started to trip harder than i had before. I'm not too sure why, i had heard about people triping harder after they got sick but this was awsome. It was the whole night magnified by 2 after that. The circles were always at the edges of my vision and the feeling was good all over. Much after we all crashed and in the morning to make things weird we woke up to Moo's of cows. When we all looked out there were dozens of cows just standing in our camp site Mooing angryly at us because we we in there regular path.
If you want to have a awsome and mellow trip i completly recomend that you go and camp out in the middle of nowhere with some of your closest friends. Nothing compairs. Something to think about. Time doesnt run out, people do. take it easy party people.

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