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By myself

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I took shrooms for the first time by myself... that's a little pathetic i know, but i was eager to try them. I ate a chocolate shroom with about 2 grams of dried goodies in it. After 50minutes i felt nothing so smoked a joint, then opened my fridge, and saw a huge trail behind it... wow i thought, what's happening! Then I felt a laugh rising through my body, the feeling was just too funny, it tickled every vein i have. I heard noises like, "reeesquigtigigigggillydoodly...." i looked at my face for an hour, and thought my eyes were demonic, i stared at chairs and saw them breath in and out and get big then small. It was fantastic. I tried to read a book but couldn't get through a sentence, i was very aware of what was happening, where i was, and what was going on. After abour 5hours the trip subsided and i fell asleep.
my next trip entry is: cliffjumping bad trip
if you wish to read it pls find it.

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