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One day after arriving home from a desert rave, i invided chris over to have a look at some shrooms i brought back.

One day after arriving home from a desert rave, i invided chris over to have a look at some shrooms i brought back. In the sac, i had 4 grams of dried liberty caps. We decided to smoke a cap. Mild effects hit us almost instantly. We took the rest to Clay's house to consume.

After evenly deviding them, we ate. I chewed mine well, while chris didn't. (later he complained about stomach cramps whilest i didn't) We washed them down with orrange juice. We went to the bedroom where we were probably going to stay most the time.

An hour passes and the music we are listening to seems to be a lot more enteresting.(Goa-trance) A nearby quilt's pattern catches my eye. Things are getting really hazy. Clay passes me a pipe full of kind herb. I take a few tokes and pass it on to Chris.

Now we are rolling. (MJ helps the trip to be a lot more intense especially while combined with oj).

Chris went from playing with coins to laying back in bed watching dragons on the walls.

Chris would get caught up in a sentence, then stop what he was saying.. and continue to mumble on about something else. This was freaking him out because Clay couldn't understand what he was trying to say. However, i could. And then we were carrying on conversations on what seemed senseless to Clay while to us it made much sense. We were practicing telepathy. The second halves of his sentences were only being said inside his mind, never leaving his mouth.

All this time we both wanted to laugh but it seemed Clay would think we were weird. I have no idea why that happened. That could have been what made chris's trip unpleasant. Holding back his laughter in fear of Clay thinking he's crazy. Clay offers us a cigarette, so we are all on the balcony smoking cigs. Where I was sitting, there was a wall in front of me with the reflections of swaying branches coming from a tree behind me. I watched the patterns they made. Almost those like a collidascope, colors and all. I looked a little closer. There i saw faces looking at me. and i thought i heard "I think he sees us". i stared harder and they looked hideous. I tried transforming them with my mind into something a little more peaceful but that didn't work with these guys. I heard birds in the distance. Only they sounded nothing like birds at all. The sound was alien to me. I felt it were the faces using these birds to give me a message. It was penetrating me. The sky seemed infinite.

We went back inside. Chris by now was totally convinced he'd lost his mind.

The voices laugh.

We sit around awhile longer and start to calm down.

This was our first time tripping on mushrooms, however i've delt with LSD numerous times. I'd like to hear comments on this, Please send all email to DocHiebert@aol.com


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