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Tea for one

This trip I'm about to share with you comes from my fourth and, for now, final trip.

This trip I'm about to share with you comes from my fourth and, for now, final trip. One week previous, my friend and I each bought an 1/8 ounce of P. Cubinsis.I'm always very carefull about the drugs I do and so I talked to another friend who had taken a full 1/8 of the same crop of 'shrooms.He didn't give much detail but said that all he could do is lie on the floor and shiver beneath a blanket for 7 hours so I kept this in mind that night when I ate half the 1/8 (about 1.75 grams) that night.They hit harder and faster than any of the other times I'd shroomed and I had somewhat of a bad trip.The next week I wanted to shroom alone(with a trip sitter) to see if I could handle acid.

It started after I got off work at 10:30 in the morning that friday. I went home, showered and proceeded to prepare my mushrooms to make into a tea. I had never made tea before and I thought it would be easier on my stomach(which it was, I had no stomach cramps or nausia) and I could pace myself, to an extent.I put the finely chopped fungi(the other half eighth, about 1.75 grams)into a tea ball mixed with a Ginseng Mint tea.I allowed the tea to steep for 20 minutes in boiling hot water.I then poured the tea over Ice cubes into a sport water bottle.About this time my frien showed up and we proceeded to the park.

I cassually sipped the tea as we wandered around this huge park and explored forests and streams and such. We walked to the top of a large hill above a dam and this is where the mushies began working their magic. I was looking out across the 30 ft. wide creek and was feeling the body tingles when I looked to the tree tops which were softly swaying in the breeze.As I was admiring how beautifull the day was all the trees which were swaying suddenly froze in place. It looked as if they had been pasted on the horizon. It was becoming hard for me to speak so I told my friend we should get going.All this time I had been sipping the tea, not even thinking about tripping, and I think this is why I felt so good. I didn't let my mind trick me into being scared and just let things happen naturally.We got into his truck after walking back and I was really feelin good.Driving to another friend of ours the road was moving in a roller coaster fashion, waving up and down, up and down. We got to my friends house but he wasn't home so we just sat on his porch swing.Rick, my trip sitter kept trying to ask me how I was but I could only grin and he understood.I didn't want to talk so I just shut my eyes and and let my mind entertain me for a while.

It felt as though I was hovering in a tunnel which streched into infinity.Along the tunnel were objects of all shapes and form and the walls were orange in color with white clouds swirling about in a chaotic manner. I wathced as the objects appeared in the distance and flowed past me to my left and right.Suddenly I saw an object, a speck at first, down the tunnel in front of me.As it approached it got bigger and bigger and I could see that it was a giant skull! It was coming right at me and as is got to me the skull opened its mouth as if to consume me.I shuttered and opend my eyes to see my friend staring at me.He asked what was wrong and I could oly shake my head, to tell him I don't know what the hell just happened.people started showing up and the tracers from their motions were unreal.I stared at the road for a moment and a wave of energy crossed my plane of view and the road turned into a beautifull mountian stream. It was getting late,6 in the evening, and I had to pick my girlfriend up from work so I started walking the 8 blocks to my apartment.On the way home there were many people in their yards and each and every one of them seemed to be staring at me as if I was some sort of freak.This wierded me out a little but I also found some humor in it because they didn't *know*.I arrived at my apartment and had come down quite a bit by now so I thought I would try and get some sleep.I layed down and sht my eyes but was too anxious to sleep so I proceeded to try and hipnotize myself into sleep.I began going through my routine an just when I was on the verge of sleep a shiver ran through my brain and jolted me conscious. This was phissical shiver as if my brain started vibrating and it scared the hell out of me!I tried to sleep a few more times but the same thing kept happening so finally I got up to go get my girlfriend.I picked her up and came home and tried to sleep but again I was too full of anxiety, so I got up and wrote this poem.

I do not regognize myself,though I am yet not at all
a hand detached, unfamiliar
mechanically places these words
as told from above
knowing is not knowing
learning to move on
happiness is found
in a place
new doors
escaping thoughts
emotions overwhelming me
a truth unseen, now so clear
a flaw within my person
to be ever so carefully corrected
once again I shall be innocent.

Finally I was able to sleep, but to this day when I become extremely tired, these brain shivers occure when I attempt to sleep.Sometimes bringing me to the brink of sleep, that space between consciousness and dreaming, and holding me there, unable to sleep or awaken for several minutes. I believed I opened a door of my mind to another reality but fear of insanity keeps me from embracing it.I have talked to many people about this and none of them have ever experienced anything like it.Let me know if you would like to share a simmilar experience, I would love some insite.

Happy tripping, and be safe!
(by the way, I still smoke bud and will possibly 'shroom again)


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