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Talking to the Gods

I started off taking a cap that was an Inch in dia.

I started off taking a cap that was an Inch in dia. and a six inch stem that was almost completly blue.

From: Missoula,Montana

It took only about 20 minutes for the shrooms to start taking effect. There were four of us and one was sober. We hiked up Mount. Jumbo at about 6:30P.M. It was getting dark, so we sat down on a small cliff to enjoy the city lights. They were so bright. We started making our way to the "L". On are way up there we noticed that there were many bright yellow things illuminating out of the gray earth. I went over to one to notice that they were small yellow flowers. There were thousands of them and all were glowing bright as hell. We started hiking and I noticed that the mountain was completly purple with pulsations of red every once in a while. The sky faded from light blue at the ridge line to dark purple in the middle of the sky. We made are way to the "L" and it was pure red. I sat down for a while and looked at Missoula. I noticed that the city lights made the shape of the roadrunner. Then I put Led Zepplin on my headphones and started to get into it. I began bobing my head from side to side and blinking my eyes as fast as I could while looking at the city, it's hard to explain what it looked like but it was cool. When my head turned one way the city would turn in the opposite direction. It was extremly fun. Then a cloud front came to greet us on the purple face. I stared at it to see many faces of once great people who shared in the great trip of life long ago. I saw them as clear as glass. They were moving around and smiling at all of us. One of my friends started to pick up city buildings and move them from one side of the city to the other. I have no clue, I could never get this done.
We started to make are way down the mountain. The cloud front was right over head. We sat down once again on the cliff we started at. I got comfotable and gazed up into the heaves. Led Zepplin was playing on my CD player again, and that's when everything began to be great. I looked at the clouds, and out of the clouds came Hendrix, Van Morrison and Bob Marley. They looked upon us with huge grins, and Marley had a huge J in his lip's. As soon as the song kicked in Hendrix started to jam on his guitar, Morrison began to sing, and Marley just stood there shakin his dredlocks and dancin like a wild man. When the song got over they waved and turned around to walk back into the clouds were they came from. I also saw a lot of old memories, like
my old lab and sheperd that died along time ago, they were happy. Then all of a sudden the sky unzipped like a zipper and I could see stars thought the clouds. Then they zipped up again. We all walked down to the car, I expected my peeking to be over but I looked back up the sky and saw a Big fucking rastafarian comming through the clouds, his dreds were hanging down through the clouds and they were almost hitting the trees that we were standing by, I stared at him for a while and he extended his hand through the cloud and it came down to earth, it was so fucking real.

I also saw Gorge Washington but he looked like a shmuck.
also warm beer is good on shrooms.


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