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Taken for a TRIP!

First some backround.

First some backround...
I am not what you would consider a standard tripper. My friends have tried to get me to do anything but.. to no avail. The green was not kind to me. But the Shrooms were much better! This is my second trip... and the story begins


It was a saturday. Waiting for the second shift to come in. My friends said that they would come in for two of them were sharing a 1/8 of dried moo-goo. But they were already late so I said forget them. They ditched me. Walking out to the busses. And bam!

My friends came out of nowhere and almost plowing into me. Cool considering that if they were a minnute late or early they would have missed me. "Yo were tripping want to join?"
the sorceror said to me. Shure! I did not have to work the next day. Cool second trip! They took me home where they forced me to injest my 1/8. Then we went to the wall. Thewy were doing somthing I was waiting for my dose to start. They came and we went to the biggest house that was availble to us. During the car ride it began! A moment of infinity! It took soooooooo long to get there!

But there I was looking at tile that was shifting me to the left. After acomplishing the feat I went inside and melted in the couch. I COULD NO LONGER STAND! Then my friends started playing Metal Gear Solid. I was still on the couch and the RGB (Red, Green, Blue: Computer thing) colors were
difusing and leaving the tv! But it was cool.

NOTE: There were three other people there.
The Sorceror = Who was not tripping he already dosed earlyer that week. He was on some mystic green.
AGirl = Engaged to YAH. She wanted to trip and she had 1/2 of an 1/8 (OK here is the math = 1.5g)
YAH = Long time fun seeker green, moo-goo, Cid. He was joining AGirl.
Gold = The Author.

They told me to stay on the couch. Every Minute. They did not want me to cause distruction when I atempted to walk. But I was determined that I would attempt. Fell back on the couch. Tried again. Again, fell on the couch. Lets wait here for a little while. (I would say that my trip was 3.5 and peeking damn was it cool!!!!) After 15 minutes I was able to get up. Wanting to prove that I could still function as a human being. I was looking around the room for a test............ A Tread-Mill!!!!!!!

Getting up all three were looking at me for the task that I have acomplished. They saw me get on the treadmill. AGirl said "Gold Get of that" I said "What! I want to walk on this thing!!" YAH then said "If he can figure it out then he can use it" It took time but I got the damn thing working. If felt like 3 second was all that I could stand on it before I fell. Considering time compression.... probably was 1 second.

Then they sent me to my couch. Tripping there for another 30 min. So far 1 hour 20 min!!! Gota love time compression!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then after coming down a bit I was able to walk again. This is where the paintings were moving then I saw mount olimpious!!! A painting that I saw before but did not get it made sence to me!!!! God was it cool. Hard to discribe but it was a 70's trip toy.

The ceiling was melting. The lights were pulsating. Everything!!! The bedroom had christmass lights set up and they sent me in there with the main light off........ COLOR. It was beautifull!!

Then food. Pizza was delicous....... Then we had a guest. X-Ter!!! It was a rabit! He was so cute!!!! Then a stone rabit was hopping behind him!!! So cool. Then did some painting with pens and markers. Then somehow the book that I was drawing in, covewr got riped off. Don't know how but they were blameing it on me...... Don't yell at a tripper that was cruel and unusal punishment.

That is it......... There were some adition visiuals but they were level 1 at the most. We tried to do some N2O but... they only let me have 1/2 a ballon at a time... I need a full ballon to get the sensation so that was bunk. I was driven home and went to sleap... Enjoying my 2nd time up.

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