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Systematic Reality

My first trip on mushrooms took a rather poor turn.

My first trip on mushrooms took a rather poor turn. I hesitate to call it a bad trip, since I wasn't never scared or worried. I'd tripped previously on various forms of Acid, but my little brother convinced me to try organics.

The day began beautifully, the sun was shining (a rather nice variation from our standard rain here in the pacnorwest) and it was unseasonally warm. In very high spirits, my wife and I began our day by going out for breakfast, and to do a little shopping for our psychotic cat.

Finally, we split an eight between the two of us. I'm unsure of the variety since I haven't seen enough pictures to identify them. Afterwards, we headed out for our local arboritum to take a high. I made a quick stop to get some 'herb' on the way, since I tend to enjoy smoking on the come down from a trip. My wife began to become aggitated, and irrationally upset. We began hiking in a fowl mood after I'd asked her to stop 'picking at me right before we trip.' During the hike she began a couple of arguments with me and half an hour later we headed back home. I'd just begun feeling a body high when we left the arboritum, but the car drive went smoothly and I'd begun wondering if the mushrooms had been any good.

When we go home, I got out of the car and had to look down to make sure my feet were still on the ground, the feeling was amazing. I was floating. My wife stormed into the apartment and just lied down in the middle of the floor, refusing to talk to me. At that point it all disconnected.

I went into my bedroom where I have a number of interesting wall hangings, one of which is a black and green 'batik' style picture consisting of a yin/yang sun, two checked black/green bars running horizontal, and some other smaller designs, but very simplistic. I began staring at it, initially worried that the current problems with my wife were going to have negative ramifications on the trip. Instead the wall hanging became 'all.'

Eventually after some period of time that felt like years and years, I realize that the picture no longer mattered and the internal thoughts based on it were enough to continue wherever my mind was going. I seemed to be trying to figure something out which out even trying, like being pulled through a burning building, looking for the door.

Eventually I seemed to have found the answer, and understanding of how systems integrate with eachother, a view of everyone as a specific energy system entity that interacts with the environment and other energy systems, and how consciousness is a product of some of those forms of energy, and understanding of how various forms of energy interact with eachother, giving people impressions of others feelings, premonitions, and simple understanding. At that point where I had that realization it was like a simple FLASH of understanding I felt whole bodily, a sudden surge just rushed through me from my head down through my feet.

Afterwards, I layed there, almost in shock. It had not been a very pleasant feeling, almost like I was wrapped up in the internal forces that were struggling to understand, and so I felt exhausted. The bed had begun to feel like it was flowing and moving like a river, and I simply began contemplation of my new concept and how to migrate it into literature so others might understand. I also began applying to my perceptions of my existance and spent some more time imagining a dance of interacting balls of light, swirling, occasionally wisps of almost plasma like light would twist off of one and into another, some would light up the background with there specific light.

As I was slowly coming down, my wife came into the room and layed down next to me. "Do you still love me?" she asked me in an almost pleading voice, and I could imagine how her energies were worked, badly damaged by a REALLY bad trip. I understood that she had probably tripped off the arguement and was convinced I was leaving her or something. I was still hard for me to talk, but I just held her and worked that energy.

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