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Swelling Tongue

As I live in VT, at the height of the foliage this fall, a friend and i decided to mow a few mushies we had left over from who knows when.

As I live in VT, at the height of the foliage this fall, a friend and i decided to mow a few mushies we had left over from who knows when. I only had a half of a stem, but it was from an incredible mushroom, but that's a whole other trip story. Anyway i was driving and we dipped our mushies in peanut butter, one of the only ways I can possibly ingest them without gagging. We arrived finally at a town green where a friend's band was playing. We sat on the park bench listening to the music and I began watching the people. When the band had finished the effects were definitely starting to kick in. We walked to my car and the brightly colored leaves all across the ground turned into a field of butterflies dancing around.

Next we went to a friend's house and sat outside. He lives a top a hill, overlooking an endless sea of trees. It was one of the most beautiful sights i had ever seen. I got the idea to venture into the woods to watch the sunset. We huffed down a bowl on the way up, which i think had a lot to do with the turn of events. We climbed up a grassy knoll and had a perfect view of the sunset and the sea of foliage. The bright oranges golds reds and yellows swirled around under a sky of pink clouds. I was content, and I made many realizations about myself and my spirituality on that day.

As we were sitting, I began to get the sensation of melting, and then I got this strange taste in my mouth. Luckily I always carry a water bottle with me when I'm tripping, but the taste wouldn't go away. It felt like my body was trying to secrete the poisons I had put into myself. My lips and tongue went numb and I had the feeling that my tongue was swelling to enormous proportions. I asked my friend if my tongue looked weird, but she was so involved in the sunset that she couldn't really tell.

I put my head down onto my arms and I could definitely tell that my body was not responding well to the mushrooms. Every single organ was doing all it could to get rid of the poisons and bad thoughts began to enter into my mind. I knew that the trip would end and that I only had to wait it out but then I started to gag. I walked over to a log a vomited harder than I ever have in my entire life. It lasted a long time and it hurt badly. After I had finished puking, any time i tried to breathe, i would swallow the air and then burp it up, it was pretty gross actually.

The rest of the trip was pretty intense, but it didn't get better until after i had pee'd. I couldn't talk to my friends for a couple of hours, but it all ended. When i finally got home I had a long talk with my boyfriend and i felt better. The half stem that i had eaten was left over from an excellent trip that i had had with him a few weeks before and he helped to comfort me.

I don't know exactly what it was that sent me into such a bad trip, but i do know that i'm going to take a little break for a while. I love tripping, but a bad one really gives you the chance to think, and to slow down.

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