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super awesome time.

Me and two of my friends were at my house, we'll call the E and B, and we felt like doing some shrooms, so my friend called our dealer and he and my other frined went to pick them up, it was about 3 o'clock.

Me and two of my friends were at my house, we'll call the E and B, and we felt like doing some shrooms, so my friend called our dealer and he and my other frined went to pick them up, it was about 3 o'clock. they got back at around 4 and we just hung out and decided that we would do them the next day. But we couldnt wait so we told my mom that we would be going to E's house, its about 45 min walk and theres lots of places to go on the way, parks, stores, 7-11. We left my house at about five and as we got out or my backward and started down the backlane we began to eat them, we each had 2 grams. we walked down the main road in my neighbour hood and they started to kick in after about 20 mins, we met up with some friends and talked for a bit. i started to notice that the side walk was breathing and the shingles on thi sone house were rippling like crazy. we kept on walking to this park at the end of the road. theres a creek in the middle of the park and the hills slant doewn towards it, and up the other side of the hill theres 2 baseball diamonda and some grassey areas, its right by the river so its a real cool place. we lalyed in the grass and stared at the creek, everything was awesome, then two of the friends we were talking earlier started to skateboard up the path our way. we talked to them and decided that this all seemed liek a movie of some sort. we started up the path and began to cross this footbridge that is about 6 metres above the river, its a bridge with a train bridge attached to it, my friend E was walking on the path part and me and B were on the train part, at the end of the bridge theres this place that goes down into a little camp fire spot surrounded by trees and stuff, its really cool, we sat around and B was like, "Hey, Were retarded kids!" so me and E were like what the fuck, i picked up a handlful of dirt and glass and threw it at him. We decided to keep on going so we went through this park, thats how you get out of that spot, there are swing sets and a few tennis courts but we payed no attention to them and kept going, on the other side of the road from this palce is a little grassey park spot with a bench we sat down and stared out at the field in front of us, it wasnt very big at all, we were surrounded by houses and flowers.We were all talking about what we feeling and seeing, were probly there for 15 minutes then we got up and kept walking in the same direction up a street, i picked up a rab apple and threw it up at the trees, a few house up a guy yelled at us and was like "Hey! are you fucking kids throwing shit at us!?" and i just said something along the lines of, no i was was throwing at the trees he looked at us really weird and just kept drinking his beer. Now we were walking left down this street, its pretty busy, its got shops and store and cafes and a bowling alley. We now crossed the train tracks which we waling on earlier, and turned to go to this other grassey area. I was pretending it was a trampoline and E was lying there staring up at the sky saying he was having hallucinations of it being purple, me and E had done shrooms together before and this was B's first time. He was sitting there saying really fucked up stuff about how he had to get picked up at 9:30 and we were wondering where he'd get picked up, we decided on this bar and eatery place down the road where bands play and they serve ice cream and drinks and lots of stuff, it has a sweet basement with a tv and pool and balkclights and airhockey. now E was complianing that his stomache was hurting as we walking down the road towards the eatery, he was really pissed. When we got there we sat in the back of the shop in this weird corner with yellow green and purple was a cool neon light and a comfy arm chair facing the front, a table in the middle and two other chairs facing the comfy one, we sat there, me in the arm chair and E and B in the other normal non comfy chairs. E was now really pissed and wanted a orange juice, becasue he thinks he will stop tripping if he drinks one, he forcs B to buuy him one. we sit up talking an looking around, the place isnt busy yet at all, there are a few people eating and tlaking but thats it. As im watching the front i notice the walls start to melt into different colours, really awesome. When we get up go to the basement and theres a guy sitting down there by himself, he works there, he says that in September the basement will be for people 18 years and older, but we dont care casue thire alwasy changing the rulesl. we sit down on 2 futons. theres a tv in the corner and a table in the middle, the tvs on but were not even noticing. Me and B start to tlak abou that '70s and why are parents would get mad if they found out we did this, E was still conviced he had a bad stomache and was feeling bad, not talking, it was 7 o'clock. Time was moving so slowly. B and I were tlaking about we thought that money is a fucking stupid thing and that we didnt need it, which all seemed logical and right at the time, we talked about it and everything leading off it for about 30 minutes. E was finally feeling better and got in on the conversation. we sat around and watched tv till about 8:15 when B had to go call his mom and tell her wher to p[ick him up, he didnt want to go alone so he and E went across the street to the 7-11 to use the pay phone. i was getting scared in the basement all alone, they were gone for about 15 minutes, i was actually scared, some bitch came down with kid and looked around which kinda freaked me out, by this time i noticed that it was starting to wear off. E and B finally got back and i was happy agian. We watched without a paddle on the tv till about 9:20 then we wnt outdside and waited for B's mom, E and I had till 12:00. we sat out there, it was now darker and a lot chillyier than before, we definitley were still trippin. E felt like ditching me and going home by himself or some shit, he was really confusing, B's mom got there and he left. then me and E set off down the backlane, (the same direction as the train treacks) we saw some 20 years olds or something smoking weed. we kept on going, the backlane looked like a triangle at the end and it looked really low and wide. E was still taking about leaving me and telling me to go home, but we just said fuck that idea and kept going, then we turned and walked down a side street, not very busy, we ended up at a park, it seemed like there was no other soul on earth, there was no cars, no people, no squirells nothing. we sat a pic-nic table and tlaked, then we went father into the park and went on the swings. i knew that i was still tripping cause it was insaane! we were saying how we were actually really high in the air and if we fell we would get seriously hurt. that end after 15 minutes or so. we jumed over a small chain link fence and went down a backlane, again. We made it to another busy street, now there was people and cars and animals around. WE had the idea to go see a movie casue it was only about 10:00, and we had 2 hours and E didnt want the night to end, i couldnt care less i was still having fun. I thought too soon, iut was starting to drizzel, we went to andother 7-11 and i go ta slurpee and E got a apple juice. When hes on shrooms hes really fucked around people he hates when they look at him and weird stuff like that. Now it was raining kinda hard and we stopped at thins school and sat on the benches in the garden in the front. He talked about being a cop and not busting kids for doign drugs. We decided, no movie, no anything else, time to go home, we crossed the street and got into another part of the neighbour hood, now everything was deserted again and no one was around, he was trying to think of what to tell his parents, he was gonna say that we went to this girls house and hung out and, he just kept repeating himself, he was starting to get angry casue he could talk to his parents on shrooms. When we got to his house his parents said nothing execpt. "Did you have fun?". we went to the basement, ate oreos and fell alseep at around 1:00. My night was fun.

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