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Sunny D Meets Mr. P

This was my first real mushroom trip.

This was my first real mushroom trip. At the time i had tripped 3 times off acid in the past 3 weeks, and once in the past.

Sunday: Went to my dealer's house, bought a 30 bag (5g) of shrooms. They were flat, slightly convex yellow caps with dark brown gills and white bruising blue stalks.

Friday: Prepared roughly 3g (3/5ths) of the shrooms by chopping them up and putting them in a blender with Sunny Delight (one lunch size bottle). A recipe I MUST reccomend. The only bad part was a bunch of tasteless lumps. Of course, these shrooms have little taste. I convinced myself to take this much because "there won't be enough left from what my dad's taking to trip twice", I convinced myself. I hadn't known how good vit. C plus trips were. I had about 3 small (1 inch) caps and one huge (2 1/2 inch) cap and about 4 stems. I felt the effects within ten minutes, trails and laughter. About 20 minutes after this, my friend Chris came by. He knew I was gona trip, and was bugging me to give him some. I said "look chris, it'd be your first time, and besides, there's only about 3 moldy stems left and theyre in the trash." I was playing on the computer, while i looked at chris. I could've sworn i saw him turn to me quickly, stick his tongue out and open his eyes big, then turn away. He "did" this over and over. Then my friend Nate called and told me about some gay pedophile from his church who tries picking up on him and his brother every thursday. His names rod and nate said "they don't call me rod for nothing" This made me laugh for about 30 mins and whenever i thought about it. I looked into my cup of orange soda, which had a few drops left, and saw a tropical beach. When I got up (i've noticed this on 2 tabs of cid too) My legs got up and turned first, then my torso slagged behind. My mind would get caught in repetitions, i would experience the same action over and over while only doing it once. I thought i was crazy (as i do every trip). I encountered an entity, whcih was just pure love for everything. While walking around, i looked at the window in the back door and there were about 15 panes when there's supposed to be 9. We went out and smoked a big bowlpack of KIND bud, and this basically made me have to think about breathing. I thought i was dyding, and couldn't get the line "Don't let me down" from 311:DLMD out of my head. I forced myself to sleep, and wokeup feeling great the next day. Chris had stayed overnight. 9drain8. (9)I)R_/_ | :.|*8*

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