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MRCA Tyroler Gluckspilze
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My tastey treats from OR.

My tastey treats from OR. & CO. combined & helped me see the beauty in this crazy kooky world. I layed in a field of flowers, sheltered by a wall of blue spruces.Fairies played on my body as if I were a giant jungle-gym.Gnomes watched me from a distance. I was on a side of a mountain & i could see the artificial lights of Denver in the vast distance. I was calm. I could feel the Earth Mother breathing under me, she held me close. I smelled like flowers. Everything was soft.The stars slowly began to appear through the thick golden rain clouds. I stared into spaced, I stared into the unknown. The colors darkened & the stars shown brighter,a tunnel appeared & split in two. "Choose a path" the Summerfest Goddess wispered in the wind.... I floated home to mommy...I LOVE MOM!!!

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