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summer of 99

This was my first time ever tripping on shrooms.

This was my first time ever tripping on shrooms. It was my first trip all together, but I must say I wasn't really ready for it.

It was the beginning of july, and I had just finished my freshmen year in high school. Shrooms hadn't visited my school all year, and some guy I worked with had just bought two oz. My friend Mike and I bought an eighth and planned on doing them at a small party the next night. Out of pure boredom we came back to my house that night at around 10:30pm and decided we might as well take them. We had rented some stupid ass movie that I can't even remember, but we split up the shrooms evenly, popped em in with some teddy grahams and sat in my tiny room watchin this movie. We took them at about 11, and it had been 45 minutes, and I still had no real obvious effects. About 15 minutes later they started to kick in fast and it was a completely out of this world experience compared to weed or alcohol.

I could have sworn that I was tripping pretty hard, until my trip had completely intensified. My whole body felt hot, yet a euphoric. My stomach was twisting and turning, and I had lost all my sensibility. I got up and looked in the mirror to see my face completely smudged, like a mirror in a funhouse of some sort. Wherever I looked I couldn't seem to understand what things were doing. It was as if the whole world was just flowing, like waves in the ocean. At one point I could have sworn that outside of my room was my grandparents house. I never had the guts to go and see, but at this point I was completely retarded. My friend had gone to take a drink of OJ earlier and completely spilled the glass all over my floor, yet everytime we thought about cleaning it up, a second later we had no memory of it, and we would just constantly forget about it being spilled. The whole trip lasted about 7 hours, and when it ended, I felt completely exhausted. As we came out of our peaks, it seemed almost instant, and we just sat there really high, yet not even close to the intensness of our trip.

The next day at a party we went to, we found out that the shrooms we had taken were some of the best that other trippers had taken. Lucky me, I got the exciting experience of having the shit scared out of me my first time. All and all it was a great time, and something I will never forget until I smoke myself retarded.

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