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Suburban Bliss

It was my first time trying, and i was extremely, extremely impressed.

It was my first time trying, and i was extremely, extremely impressed. It all started out with my friend who had already taken shrooms twice wanting to trip out with me becuase him and i seem to have a good time being fucked up around eachother. Anyways, we decided that taking two grams each would be pretty sufficient and not too bad for my first time. After i got off work that night, my friend and i went back to my house, waited for my mom to go to bed, and let the magic begin. I washed my 2.0 grams down folded together in a peanut butter sandwhich with a glass of orange juice. Immediatley after finishing our "midnight snacks" my friend and i hopped into my car and went around the block to smoke a quick bowl, which we have been recommended to do as i guess it calms you down and makes the experience more enjoyable. After finishing the bowl we had been feeling pretty stoned, but nothing too bad, it was fun. The anxiety effect of awaiting the 6 hour trip to come had been making both my friend and i feel different, but nothing unexpected. All of a sudden it hit both my friend and i like a brick. My first visuals came in the room where i took the shrooms, my basement. I stsrted out by noticing that a 3 dimensional counter almost extending from my ceiling started becoming 2 dimensional, i could not comprehend how this was happening, but i didnt mind it at all. My friend who had eaten his shrooms just straight from the bag seemed to be feeling it a little bit more than i was at that point. All of a sudden my friend says to me "Yo, look at the plant!" and this is when the fun was starting when while i watched the plant sit under my ceiling light, the shadow cast on the wall directly behind it started rotating and changing position, i didnt understand anything at this point, i kept thinking to myself, "how am i watching something move that i know isn't actually moving...?" the flower pedals were the next things to catch my eye as i saw each individual flower change its position in the pot of soil, this was crazy. Next my friend wanted to go for a walk while we come up, i agreed to go, but was convinced opening the door would wake my parents up and ruin the whole situation. It was cold as hell outside so i wasn't enjoying much at the moment and started walking up my driveway to go back inside and watch some tv. This next part of my night was probably one of the most man to man talks and deep felt discussions my friend and i had ever had. We started out by standing looking at my new car, it had rained earlier that night so there were raindrops on the hood of the car. My friend and i were amazed as we watched each bead of water on the hood of my car move from one end of the car to the other. I started talking nonsense of how i was in love with my car and all kinds of things like that so i decided to lay face first down on the hood of my car, only my upper half was resting on the hood of my car while my bottom half held me up, but it was my face that had the biggest effect. With the coldness of the metal and the uncomfort of the water on the cold metal, i shut my eyes and felt my face melt into the beads of water surrounding my body, my face literally melt onto the hood of my car. Afterwards my friend and i had a talk, i started talking about how i feel as though life is one big poem i guess and that i had to go along with it. For some reason id just start saying some poetic, stupid stuff like "black becomes two, two black cars...standing, dark in the driveway...coldness." and id every so often break in by softly whispering the name "maureen". We had been standing in between my neighbor, maureen's house, and mine. I would look up at her dark window and start to realize that her dark window represented some lives, darkness. I was convinced her 2nd story dark window was a sign of a dark life somewhere in that area. But for some odd reason i just kept saying her name from a spur of the moment, no reason at all type of thing, i just kept going on with life's poem. After the whole poem thing died down we started talking about life and how the effect of being on shrooms had made me feel..really..."on top of the world" i felt for what seemed like hours standing there in my driveway which turned out to be only a few mintutes to be a time where no one could strike me down, everything was so euphoric and i was just standing tall, i was a powerful, powerful person, and i loved it. I decided after that bliss in my driveway that we would stay outside. At this point, the shrooms had be consumed about an hour prior so we were really feeling it. I live in a very suburban area with a lot of trees, all of a sudden as i got to the end of the driveway i heard my friend say "hey, look at the trees...". I looked up at the tree across the street and was just in utter disbelief at what i saw. As i started taking focus on the top of the tree lines, i saw them breathing...the trees were inhaling and exhaling. I kept focus as i watched the branches on all parts of the tree grow outwards. My friend and i walked around the corner where we just talked and talked more about life and how perfect things were going. That's really what it felt like, as tho everything was perfect. My friend and i wanted a third party person with us to talk to, someone who was normal, anyone. We both began making phone calls on our cell phones at about 3am but no responses, we didnt like that. We kept walking down a moderatley busy road in my neighborhood keeping focus on the ground we were walking on, it just felt uneven, like we were walking on large rocks, when in reality, it was a paved street. We were planing on walking down another 300 yards to a very busy road in our area where we could talk to other people, but the journey down the road seemed too intense and scary, and started to make me breathe heavily and not feel well, but with the help of my trip partner, we were both able to quickly settle eachother down. There were times on and off throughout the night where i would look in my friends eyes and just go blank in the face, it really was a scary looking morphed around face, and i couldnt look at it long without turning away practically laughing because i couldnt believe of the insanities that were taking place, we were both freaking out and making tons of noise, and even expected the cops to come, so we started walking back the same way we came prior. We kept having "trip checks" where we would stop wherever we were and watch the trees and see if they were still breathing and growing. Sure enough, the were. Walking down the street late at night i noticed what looked like chickens messing around under a fence. There were two grey ones and one black one that was scaring me a little bit. The chickens were actually there, under a fence about 30 feet away from me, i couldnt understand this, how was i seeing this? As i moved closer and closer i noticed it was only a dead flower plant, for some reason plants and trees and the ground were the three biggest trip setters in my experience. Once we were finished investigating the suspected chicken situation and very loud car rolls up at a stop sign near by. With the suspicion my friend and i had of it being a cop, we decided to walk away from it when all of a sudden we here the female, younger driver yell out the window, "do yall know where southfield road is???" my friend and i quickly and oddly ran over to this unknowns person car and just started freaking out at her! haha we were just laughing and trying to explain to the lady and her friends that we were on shrooms at the same time, i was laughing hysterically as i watched just the utter confusion on the faces of the three girls in the car, once we settled down enough to make sense we gave her the directions and she drove off, but it was hillarious talking to strangers that late at night. By that time my friend and i had started to question how long we had been outside, it felt like hours and hours, when in reality it was probably only 1 or 2. We decided that we were extremely cold and hadnt realized how long we were outside so we quickly made it back to my house. Once we made a bunch of noise sneaking back into the house, my friend and i dodged my excited dog and went back into the basement. There we sat for minutes petting my dog, hank. Hank, was being okay, i thought he was going to scare the hell out of me, but he seemed peaceful as i thought i saw him talking to me, asking me if i was tripping my balls off, i said yes to him, but realized he couldnt be talking. My friend joined my "pow wow" on the floor with my dog and i and we just lost it looking at eachothers eyes and noticing how big our pupils were, we were having so much fun with everything. We went onto the couch in my basement to watch tv and this is when the comedown began, we just watched a few commercials like one advertising the andy milonakis show. This kid is actually crazy so what i saw didnt really suprise me that much. But then all of a sudden his face started stretching and just kinda freaking me out a little bit, but it was nothing i couldnt handle. I kept a close eye on the walls as i noticed them breathing and morphing into itself, it was pure bliss. My friend turned the lights on a little later and i looked back at the plant as i saw the flower pedals actually spinning, it was insane, i had forgotten what it felt like to be normal, and not tripping my balls off, and i loved it. After that i basically passed out on my couch and slept from 6am to 1:30pm, and i will never forget it.

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