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Studying and Shrooms

I had some mushrooms and figured I could enjoy myself for the first couple of hours of the night(doing them by myself) and study later as long as I kept the shroom eating within reason because I had a midterm the next day.

I had some mushrooms and figured I could enjoy myself for the first couple of hours of the night(doing them by myself) and study later as long as I kept the shroom eating within reason because I had a midterm the next day. Surely enough, once I was already high I was still thinking relatively clearly and figured I could eat some more without screwing up my only real objective for the night. So I leave my room (from previous experience, my room is a bad place to start tripping; I saw faces inside muscles inside the massive, deformed stomach my wallpaper seemed to resemble and when I looked in the mirror my face looked deformed... all kind of overwhelming given I'd never hallucinated on shrooms before) and notice that my ability to perceive the depth of my hallway and where the floor is relative to my head is gone. Oh well... as long as I didn't stumble around in front of the cameras I figured I was fine. Then I got outside and straightened out a bit, everything looked red tinted but I thought it was cool. As soon as I got back to my room I hit a peak and got incredibly happy for no reason at all, completely losing touch with my normal thought patterns and perception of reality. My wallpaper was doing the usual creeping but it seemed like the happier I got the brighter everything seemed to get and the less real everything seemed, also rather than looking like some kind of monster in the mirror I just looked really happy and blatantly high but too high to care. I made a few trips around my building and the local area because I didn't want to sit in my room and let this incredible feeling sit there and turn to boredom. Surely enough, I ran into several people I know in this state of what must have seemed to them like complete idiocy but once again nothing really mattered to me except studying. Upon realizing how my night was going downhill fast, I budgeted myself a few hours before bed (11 to 1am lol) to cram for physics. Anyway, the tripping continued and 11 rolled around and I rushed to my room, turned on some music and cracked open the physics book. At first, I found my mind too occupied with the wallpaper that seemed to creep according to my mood (which was fluctuating between kind of happy and brilliantly happy) and the plastic bottle across the room that seemed to be breathing to get any reading done. After I got used to the atmosphere of my kitchen(ette) I actually managed to grasp the main concepts of what I was reading extremely well, even though my attention was still constantly being pulled around my room and into philosophy and thinking about the direction of my life. I even managed to study through the whole "what are the shrooms doing to me right now" thought process that I satisfactorily concluded. This continued til 2am when I think I started sweating the psilocin out (once again, contemplating what they were doing to me) and found it a little easier to focus on my textbook. The next day, I killed the midterm :D.

I certainly can't recommend shrooms as a study aid (obviously), but you can make it work if you're stupid enough to try it.

PS - The thing about shrooms is that your eyes can't really focus while your mind is still somewhat capable of concentration. My theory is that while you're taking the whole room in, your mind is missing small details (i.e. the small details on complicated wallpaper or the precise width of an object in front of you that occupies a small portion of your field of vision) and trying to fill them in, which the psilocin intereferes with. When you observe one strange pattern on the wall as a result of being incapable of processing all the details you're taking in, your mind focuses on it but your eyes can't, so you continue seeing the strange pattern which may very well move as your mind is approximating what you're seeing. Once again, it's only a theory.

Peace, I didn't intend for that to be so long or lacking that much direction but I have a class to get to and have no time for revision.

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