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This trip is one of the weirdest i had.

This trip is one of the weirdest i had...but not the "strongest"...

2 days before the day of the Trip..i ate shrooms...so i was asking me if the trip should be good...

My friends called me to eat 1.5 g of shrooms each..

I said yes, but i was not sure if i did the right choice..

Anyway i accept..

I fast during almost a day and 15 minutes after ingesting shrooms i began to have the proper feelings...like OEV (colors..distortions).

We were listening The Doors..for example the Severed Garden(crazy!!) etc..

After a certain time i started to see 3d patterns(CEV).

For example..i saw the famous Psilocybe mushroom in different background such as fractal pictures:)

I saw weird things too, like a guy with no hair sitting on a invisible chair..in obscurity..but with the moon light..and like in a movie..i was going in front of him and in a certain moment..his eyes disappeared to become yellow insects..or something like butterflies..I was really tripping!

We had "hot" discussions..some philosophical..and we decided to start a band..

All was perfect...

This story of my trip is not complete in details but it gives a good idea..



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