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stuck in the ceiling

I don't know what happened, i was having the best trip ive ever had.

I don't know what happened, i was having the best trip ive ever had. Me and 3 of my close friends started off with taking 1/2 8th each at about 11:30pm they kicked in within 20minutes,we were running outside and debating if the grass was real or not cause everything looked black and white. My sense of time was completly distorted i felt like i was cought in eternity, and someday if i was lucky i'd find my way out.
The girls house we were tripping at, also belonged to the dealer of the shrooms, their sisters. At about 1:00am she came in with 2 1/2 more 8ths and said to have a good time, and dont ever say she never gave us anything, hah. I dont really remember anything else intill i started peaking.
We were about 2 1/2 - 3 hours into our trip, and laughing our asses off. In the midst of laughing the hardest i ever have, it seemed like everything around me stopped, everything got extremly bright and reddish/orange and i looked up at the ceiling (the girls room i was in has really high slanted ceilings) and i was their, i completely left myself and was stuck in the ceiling, i bugged out and closed my eyes and when i opened them again i was back on the bed. I got up and started to pace around repeating i have to calm down and thats it, i want the drug to end, which was funny because we all knew i was at the peak of my trip, for the next hour i layed in the bed, completly buried by blankets, and lost in my mind.
By far the craziest experience i've ever had.

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