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Strawberry Fields Foever

Me and my bassist met up at 6 o'clock in a forest nearby.

Me and my bassist met up at 6 o'clock in a forest nearby. We sat next to a huge field of wildflowers and decided to pop 1.5 grams each. We relaxed, listened to hippy music until the buzzed kicked it. Finally we felt a little high, so we started walking around in the field, it's then that we decided that we wanted to have a stronger experience, so we popped 2 more grams each. Well let's say that a bit after, the field started to look like an ocean, clouds morphed into different shapes, trees started glowing and we started running around like idiots. After three hours of running around a field of wild flowers singing "Strawberry Fields Forever" by The Beatles, it started getting dark, so we walked out of the woods. We wandered the streets as if the world was our playground, and looked at the sky (there were millions of glowing lights, changing colours and shapes). Well anyway,we ended the trip at my house and watched sideays.
I have never had that much fun in my entire life, and I want to repeat the experience as soon as possible. I popped a bit over 3 grams and had a perfect trip, it doesn't get better then this.

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